Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow, Two Months...

But I have spanked him since then. We went on vacation to Disneyland last month and I ended up needing to spank him in the hotel room (and I took a picture after he was bent over the chair to get the belt). I had swatted him four or five times while we were still in the park before taking him back for the belt but I just wasn't quite brave enough to put him over my lap while we were actually IN the park. I sat down on a bench and told him to bend over, but even he could obey or argue I decided we'd get kicked out. So I took him back to the room to get it instead. And you should have heard him beg me not to take his picture this time. I have no idea why he protested so much more this time than other times, but I did it anyway. He needs to learn a lot about obeying me, I say. And then I didn't post it until now because I have been so busy.
But today it was time to spank him again, and since I was going to blog about it anyway I decided to add the picture from Disneyland.
I had him come home from work early so we could get this over with. If I wait until before bed to do it, he will get it much worse because I have all that time to get angrier about why I'm punishing him.
I guess sometimes when I think about it most spankings are the same, really. Today I took him in the kitchen, pulled out a chair, and made him drop his jeans. I sat down, yanked his underpants down to bare him, and forced him over my lap. Then he got the wooden spoon on his bare bottom for a long time, many swats until he was extremely red and begging for me to stop. Then I had him stand up, get me an ice cube, and bend back over for the rest of his punishment. I gave him the ice cube for two solid minutes and then the remainder of his spanking with my hand. I think sometimes it's better to end with my hand because it lets me feel how hot his bottom is and decide if he needs a more severe continuance of the punishment. Today, he sobbed and begged and my hand was enough. I made him stay over my knees for a long time afterward to get lectured because I know the position is embarrassing for him.