Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spanking Photos

Since I decided to tell him that I'm keeping a blog about his spankings I have been thinking I should just go ahead and take pictures of them so you all can see him get it too. He got it tonight with the belt so I set up the camera and let it snap photos over and over while I punished him. I just finished whipping him a little while ago and sent him to bed. I still have the belt with me in case I think he needs to get up to get it again.
I know I am spanking him all the time for everything he does even a little bit wrong and I guess he isn't learning anything if I have to keep using this but I will keep doing this until I feel like I am getting through to him. I will redden that little butt evrey single day if I have to. Tomorrow SH is coming over to have lunch with me and if he misbehaves then maybe he'll get spanked over two laps tomorrow.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making Him Wait

As much as I want to be more patient, I just find myself reaching for the belt or the stick all the time. Today I was angry about the dishwasher so as soon as he comes home I am frustrated with him over something else he's done. I tell him to go bend over the piano bench in the living room with his jeans and his underpants down while I get the stick.

Of course he does what I tell him to do. I come in and see him waiting about ten minutes later. He has been there so long that I think maybe he is falling asleep. I have the stick in my hand but I go back and get the camera. I take a picture and then I go swat him once. I stand over him and spank him very hard one time.

I ask him if he will obey me about getting the garbage out. He says yes. I smack him again. I say you better. Then I let him get up and pull his pants up.

I can be less severe I know. I want him to obey me and when he does I can start to be less angry. I need him to be meek and obedient and ready to accept a punishment and then I don't feel like I have to punish him as much. Pulling his pants down and making him bend over to get it makes me feel better actually. When he is lying there waiting for me to start is when I feel the most calm and so maybe it is not necessary to always beat him so severely once I have made him bare his bottom.

If you are reading this, it doesn't mean you won't get punished. It just means I know I don't have to be so strict and so severe all the time. If you obey me when I tell you to, I will not need to punish you as often.

The picture is part of your punishment anyway.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I realized last night as I was whipping Mike's butt for not finishing a project that I told him to that I spank him quite a bit. Mostly out of habit. We're at dinner and I ask him about the book drive he's supposed to be doing. He hasn't answered the email about it yet and its going to happen the next day.

"You're getting a spanking when we get home," I hear myself say.

"But I'll do it," he says.

"You bet you will," I say, out of habit a second time. "Right after you're done over my lap."

"Please don't spank me again," he says. Almost whsipering because we're in a restaurant. "I'm still sore from getting spanked twice Sunday."

I put my purse on the table. "My hairbrush is in here. Do you want to go with me to the restroom and get your pants down right now?"

He's quiet all the way home and I know he's wondering how severe it will be. I am wondering, too. I've already forgotten what he did but I am thinking about how to punish him. In the restaurant I was thinking a couple of swats across the seat of his underpants while he was facing the wall. Then I was thinking bare butt over my knees with the brush. Then on the way home I decide something more severe even though what he did isn't so bad.

When we come in the door, I say, "Go get me the stick and then put a folding chair on the deck. The cold air on your bare butt over my knees will make it hurt more."

He starts to argue. I say, "You know what then? Go get me the spanking panties. NOW."

He brings them. I take him and the panties in the kitchen and soak the panties in cold water.

"Now put them on and put that chair outside," I tell him. "The stick on cold, wet panties ought to teach you to..."

I realize that I don't know what it is I want him to do.

I make him put the panties on anyway, and he starts to sob while he changes there in the kitchen. He starts to put his jeans back on, but I tell him to leave them off and go get the chair. The wet panties stick to his bottom as he does as I tell him. I go get the stick out of the closet and put my coat back on. Then we go out on the deck in the dark.

I don't need to turn on the porchlight because I can see well enough with the moon. But it's freezing cold, so I hurry. I sit down and make him bend over my lap. I begin to spank him immediately.

The stick on the seat of the cold, wet panties makes a very dull sound and I can tell it hurts a lot--he starts to cry almost immediately. I continue to whip him as hard as I can, and he begins to beg. But he always begs. So I keep spanking him and it isn't long before my knuckles are freezing cold holding the stick so tightly and I think he's had enough. I tell him to get up and go inside but he has to wear the panties to bed, even if they're wet. Too bad, you're being punished, I tell him. If you disobey me, you get the belt next.

When we are back inside, I can see his bottom through the wet panties. I have spanked him so hard that he's blistered. There are long red marks across the backs of his thighs where I punished him and the panties are sticking to him so I can see that I smacked him many times. No wonder he is crying so hard.

I feel horrible.

This is not a good habit, just spanking him for any reason.

I need to think about how often and why I bend him over. He will obey for any spanking, so I need to use them more wisely.

I tell him he can change underpants, and as he does, I see how red and sore he is. I promise myself no more just for any random reason.

Then tonight, I caught myself taking him into the bathroom to spank him. I sat down on the toilet, made him come over to me, undid his jeans and pulled them down to his knees, yanked his underpants down, picked up the brush, and told him to bend over my knee to get punished. He was obedient, like always. He even said, "Yes, ma'am," when I said he deserved a butt blistering. He bent over, and I put my leg over his legs to hold him in place while I beat him.

Then I saw his red bottom from the last night. The marks were still there very easy to see. He put his head down and waited for me to start.

I let him up and told him it was only cornertime. He pulled his underpants up and went to obey me.

I have to get control of this habit of just spanking because I'm annoyed with him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


That stands for "over my knees," if you were wondering.

So, somebody is standing in the corner right now with his hands on top of his head and his underpants at his ankles waiting for me to give him a second session with the belt. Once again, he just can't keep his mouth shut around my parents. So, as soon as they left this afternoon, I dragged him over my knees to blister his bare butt. Since he knows about the blog now I told him part of his punishment was I wanted to see what he sees when he's bent over to get it so I made him take pictures after he was bent over. I tried to take them myself but you can see how that turned out (second photo)! I believe I could put a movie up here so I might be doing that in future but for now, this is what he sees when he's over my knees with his underpants all the way down which is how they need to be so he can get the ice cube on his butthole before I start hitting him. His butt his shiny red now and my arm is sore but we're not done yet.

He was very embarrassed to take the picture but he's always very obedient when I spank him so he did what I told him to do. I feel a little bad that he still has the belt to come since I think I spanked him pretty well with the hairbrush already but I told him he was getting more, so it's too late to change my mind now. In 14 minutes, he's bending back over my knees. That's the way it goes.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I like how the mom in this has clearly given the son a good spanking with the belt. Into the bathroom, bend over, and let the belting begin. The belt is what I use most often on my husband to punish him because he was spanked with the belt a lot growing up. His bare bottom gets very red very fast from the belt and though it's hard to use on him when I make him bend over my knees, I still feel it's the best instrument to teach a lesson. Comments about what you prefer to use?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The stick

I haven't had to punish him in the last week or so, and that's probably good because it means two things, one that he is obeying me more and two, the next time I spank him, it will make an impression. In looking back through my photos, I guess I favor the stick. Both times I set up the camera and told him the photos were to reinforce the punishment. I don't think he has ever seen them, but now that he knows about this blog, he might come across them. This is the first one and I'll post the other one another time. The stick makes him cry faster than the belt so I save it for when I want to really blister his seat. When I took this picture I had the stick in one hand and the camera in the other and he was bent over the pillows on the bed. I think he was on stroke 10 or so. He was already crying but I was far from done whipping his bottom. I gave him a spanking by hand in the bathroom after this and then the ice cube while he was over my knees. I prefer him over my knees actuallay because I can control him better but over the pillows I can use the stick or the belt much better.