Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Two days a week he will now be getting his bottom spanked until further notice.

Tonight will be the third spanking he has received "on schedule" as I am thinking of it. Last Wednesday I told him that it was unacceptable that he had disobeyed me about getting someone else to spank him as punishment, and so now he will receive two a week until he does so. Then I made him drop his jeans and underpants and bend over the edge of the table to get the belt across his bare behind. He didn't cry, though I gave him a good 50 swats and made sure he went to bed with a red sore butt.

Saturday last weekend, I put him over my knees for almost half an hour, spanking and lecturing about how this is going to go on until he starts obeying me. I was bringing my hand down pretty hard on his butt in the end. I made him stand up and pull down his underpants at one point, and I made him stand there with his privates showing while I lectured him because I knew he was embarrassed. Finally I put him back over my lap and went back to reddening that bottom. My hand got so sore from spanking him that I am sure his butt was still sore the next morning.

Tonight when my show is over at 10:00, he will go over my knees again to get the stick this time. The last two times he hasn't cried so I'm not going to give him a warmup spanking--he's just going to bend over and get it good and hard on his underpants, then I'm going to pull his underpants down and blister his bare butt until I see tears. I'm sitting here with my laptop and he's downstairs thinking about what's going to happen to him in about half an hour. If he is on his computer and logs on he'll see this and know what he's in for. You'd better start obeying me, mister, or you're going to spend a lot more nights waiting to get dragged over my knees for a childish whipping, do you understand? Take a look at that picture from SH's when I was pulling your underpants down to bare you in front of her. That's what you'll get this weekend if you don't do as your told.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Minutes

Two minutes is not enough time to make him cry from a spanking, especially when he knows I'm recording it as part of his punishment this week. So when the recording time ran out on the digital camera I was far from done beating his behind and he had hardly made a sound, mostly because he was ashamed that I was videoing it. Still, you get the idea. By the time I was finished punishing him his butt was even redder than here. He squirms a lot when I swat him hard enough.

I didn't plan to punish him at all tonight since I skipped it last night because I gave him an alternative to getting a whipping every day this week, but he decided he was too embarrassed to do it. I told him if he got a spanking from someone else, even a mild spanking, he could be excused from the rest of the spankings I intended to give him. But he was too embarrassed to ask anyone so now its back over my knees he goes.

I told him he has a week to change his attitude but until then, I will give him a spanking each day because of leaving the garage door open and having someone break into my car. I bet he learns his lesson by the time THIS week is done. I would feel sorry for him, but he earned this and he knows he deserves it. That's why he is very obedient to go over my knees even when he knows he's getting the paddle good and hard. Like tonight.

Okay, time to let him out of the corner and get to bed. I bet even a swat from my hand to tell him he can pull up his underpants will make his bottom hurt now.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spanking at a Friend's House

Let me tell you what a weekend my husband has had or maybe more precisely what a weekend my husband's behind has had.

Saturday afternoon was the first time I needed to spank him, for leaving the garage door open overnight Friday. Guess whose car got burglarized? So guess whose bottom got beaten? I took him out in the garage and put him over my knees to get the stick. I didn't make him pull down his underpants though because the garage door was open and I didn't actually want the neighbors to see his bare bottom. His underpants was enough for them to see.

This was risky though because my parents were here, and I probably should have waited to spank him after they left. My parents have discovered the "joys" of spanking, I can tell, because sure enough they know I'm beating him. (I did it in the garage so they wouldn't see or hear but my mom heard anyway.) I've already had some very intense exchanges with them over this anyway, so you can imagine how badly it went. They completely agreed that he deserved some kind of punishment for the garage door and so what happened? My dad put each of us over the back of the couch with our pants down (me with my skirt up) to get his belt on our underpants and then my mom put each of us over her knees with our underpants/panties down to get the hairbrush. My dad really knows how to use his belt to get his point across and being bared over my mom's lap was pretty embarrassing.

Today I took him to SH's house, which was an unpleasant surprise for him. Because of other things he's been doing lately I had planned to spank him in front of SH while she took pictures for this blog. He was extremely embarrassed when he found out what was going to happen but I made him get over my knees anyway. SH gave me the ruler she uses sometimes on her hubby and then she took a good collection of photos that I plan to use on this blog for a while. He got the ruler and my hand on his underpants and on his bare behind. He got a spanking from SH, which I witnessed. And I got pix to share here.

He's in the corner now while I consider whether or not I'm done punishing him for the day. I think he needs a spanking each day before work to remind him to close the door on his way out. I'm open to suggestions about how to discipline him. I'm extremely upset about the garage thing but frankly I've thought he needed a good spanking for a while now, so it was good to vent some frustration on his behind.