Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes, He Got It... the park, as I promised.

He didn't get it bare bottom, of course. I'm severe but I'm not crazy. In the back of Frontierland is a pretty secluded area where there aren't any rides at all. The park was also pretty empty because of the rain and the cold so I took him back there and when I felt sure there wasn't anyone around, I sat down on a bench and called him over to my lap. You should have seen the look on his face and how fast he looked around for witnesses when I took the hairbrush out of my purse and told him to get his jeans down. He tried to beg out of it, and so I said, "You want it with your underpants down for disobeying me?"

I was NOT pleased to see boxer shorts when he pulled his pants down. The rules are white underpants ONLY on spanking days and he knows it. That alone would have earned him a trip over my knees.

I was very aware of how loud a spanking is when I was disciplining him over my lap right there in the park. Every time I brought the hairbrush down on his behind, it sounded like a firecracker to me. He kept his hands on the ground and his butt in position, so I gave him about thirty good hard swats. He didn't cry. I think he was worried someone would hear him! I was even thinking about going ahead and taking down his underpants but decided to take him back to the room for the bare bottom part of his spanking. I did pull them down long enough to see how red he was, but then I pulled them back up again before anyone came along.

In the hotel room I made him bend over the chair from the desk while I got out the camera. I didn't have enough memory to record it but I got a good photo of him waiting for me to blister his seat with the belt. I made him stay that way for a good twenty minutes while I went and got an ice cube from the machine in the hall. First he got the belt on his bare bottom, then he went over my knees for a session with the ice cube and then I dug out a pair of my dirty underpanties from the suitcase to make him wear since he didn't bring white underpants with him. I made him wear them the rest of the day and to bed that night.

Now that we're back, it's back to his Wednesday and Saturday spankings. I haven't decided yet if I really should spank him on Christmas Day next week.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? And since it's Christmas, how severe should I be if I decide he still needs a spanking?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disneyland spanking

We are leaving for Disneyland in a few hours, and in all the Christmas activity (we went to see the Nutcracker last night), I did not administer his Saturday night spanking. I intended to. In the car on the way home, I had him lower his pants so when we pulled in to the garage, I could make him bend over the back of the seat and use my hand on the seat of his underpants. So all the way home, he sat with his pants at his ankles, his underpants showing, knowing he was going to get it soon. But when we got home, I was too tired, so I let him pull them up and told him we'd do it today.

Now it's time to leave for Disneyland, and he still hasn't had his bottom beaten. He's not getting out of it, though. I didn't have the bravery to spank him in Disney World in August but this time, I will make sure he gets a session over my knees in the park. I will wait to bare him back in the room but he will get a good hand spanking on his pants, maybe even on his underpants, in the park itself.

The picture is from Pinnochio. Clearly Walt Disney thought a sore bottom wasn't a bad thing either!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early spanking

Instead of waiting until after I get home tonight, I administered his spanking today before he went to work this morning. He knew it was coming because I told him to go get the stick, the paddle, and the camera for me. I think a sore bottom at work during the day will be good for him. I also discovered that an early morning spanking has a greater effect on him in terms of how much it hurts. I got a much more instant reaction by spanking harder right away and making him bend over my knees in the storage room before the day starts. I have not decided yet if he will get a maintenance spanking when I get home tonight (I love that expression, maintenance spanking, which I was just reminded of in a comment from Dan) because even though this morning's was for punishment (he was VERY late getting home last night), he still needs that maintenance spanking for not yet obeying me about getting a spanking from someone else. We'll see. For now, I hope his little behind is sore at work today.