Thursday, August 6, 2009


I know he masturbates and I don't think that by itself requires punishment unless I catch him doing it.

Well, I caught him.

I told him he had five minutes to finish and then he was going over my knees for the paddle and then over the seat of the chair for the stick. I took the picture right after I finished.

After I was done with his bottom, he got 30 strokes with the belt across his hands. I made him stand there with his underpants down and count very stroke on his palms.

My friend SH says I should spank his penis but I think that's too harsh.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Private

My mom has been here all week and I got spanked both yesterday and today. But all week she hasn't spanked my husband at all until early this evening. Unfortunately she decided to spank him in private. I hate it when they do that. I get a lot of pleasure out of watching him pull down his pants and underpants and go over one of their knees. I think having me witness him getting it makes it much harder for him to hold still. Plus I want to at least get a picture of him getting it (though I don't think it would be wise to try to photograph either of my parents when they're in that mood!). So I had to sneak a picture. It's not very good, sorry. She put him over her knees first and then she took him in the spare bedroom and bent him over the pillows to get the stick. I waited until she was already started before I snuck downstairs with the camera. It doesn't show in the picture but he's got red stripe marks on his bottom from how hard she was hitting him!

Sorry too that this is so brief. When she's here I'd rather her not see me posting on the blog. Just what I need is another session with the belt! I'd much rather she blister my husband's behind!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm ready to post again. I know it's been a long time. I was thinking that posting about my husband's spankings was not necessary actually. I thought I would focus on making sure the spankings HURT instead and that he was obeying my rules and getting punished when it was necessary. For a while I stopped the maintenance spankings twice a week because I didn't think they were teaching him any lesson.

But today we received the new mortgage statement and I found out that LAST MONTH'S didn't get paid. Guess who didn't get it done? That merits a spanking for sure.

I don't need to explain his spanking. You can see it for yourself here. When he got home, I had not planned to record it. Instead, I told him to pull his jeans down and bend over the back of the couch. When I came back from getting the belt, stick, and paddle, his underpants were unacceptable. They were boxers and had the pillsbury doughboy on them. So I sent him to change his underpants and while he was doing that, I set up two cameras in the storage room and decided he would go over my knees instead. My new camera works better than the old one and records a little longer.

I had a discussion with him while he was bent over the couch about getting a spanking from someone else as punishment. He apparently did ask someone he knows, but she told him she would feel too guilty to spank him properly. I told him to ask her again and that in the meantime I would be posting his spanking on this site and seeing about finding someone to spank him on my own. I told him I bet I would get volunteers here who would take him right over their knees. THAT got his attention. He said he would ask her again but I bet she won't do it still. We'll see if *I* can find someone instead if she doesn't agree. I think it's about time he started taking his spankings more seriously.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Multiple spankings

A quick entry since I've been slammed this weekend.
By the time I could get the camera, my parents were well on their way to tanning my husband's behind last week, so I just stayed in the hall and took a quick photo for the sake of the blog. Sorry about that whole white balance thing. I was in kind of a hurry.
The photo I took of him in the mirror of the guestroom was after his spanking yesterday. I thought it had some artistry to it. I can't imagine if photos of the same bottom getting spanked every week is interesting, so I feel like I should be doing some thing creative for some reason.
The last one is me. This isn't last week's photo that my husband took of my dad spanking me, I haven't decided to post that yet, but SH and I were talking about corner time and how useful it is or isn't. I said, I get it every time my parents spanked me. So here's a photo of me after one of my spankings a while back when they parked me in the corner after they were done with me.
Sorry it's not longer. More next time.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kitchen Spanking

I think my husband has given up his attempts at silence when I blister his bottom as you will definitely hear this time. I had a lot of reasons to spank him since he was on a business trip for his Wednesday spanking, he was due for his Saturday maintenance spanking, and he didn't get the dishes done as he knew he was supposed to for the third night in a row ever since he got back. So I sent him to get the stick, the bathbrush, and the belt while I put a chair in the kitchen and set up the camera.

Since I only have about two minutes when I beat him on camera, I made sure it counted and that he knew exactly what he was to do in order to not get it worse off camera. I told him it was 20 strokes of each unless he didn't obey my instructions, in which case he'd get 30 more as a separate spanking afterwards.

When I was finished using the belt, I had him do the dishes by hand instead of loading the dishwasher, and I took a picture of him standing at the sink with his behind good and red.
I've gotten good ideas from comments for next Wednesday's maintenance spanking but we'll have to see what happens. Unfortunately, my parents are coming later today, and my mom has been suggesting since Christmas that we both could use a session over their knees for a minor thing that happened at church. Here's the biggest problem in believing in spanking as a means of punishment: you have to accept it when someone in authority over YOU decides you need it too. It makes my stomach knot to think I might be bending over my mom or dad's lap with my underpanties down to get a beating with the belt.

I bet it's that same knot my husband felt when I took him into the kitchen a little while ago.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lots of Spankings

Okay let's get down to business.

The season has been so busy that I haven't posted much about my husband's spankings but that doesn't mean he hasn't been getting them.

I thought I'd first post some pictures I still have left over from when I spanked him over at SH's house a while ago. I know it embarrasses him to remember her taking pictures and talking to me while I beat his bare bottom with her ruler. It's also really different to have someone else taking pictures of you administering a good spanking than if you take the pictures yourself or set the camera up to record because you don't have to think about it--you just concentrate of blistering the behind over your knees.

Now the new pictures that I took are from the last week and a half. On New Year's Eve, I administered the first enema punishment he's ever had and he BAWLED. First I had him pull down his pajama bottoms and his underpants to get the bathbrush (which reddened his behind good) while he stood with his hands on the toilet seat. Then I made him kneel in front of the toilet while I filled up the enema bag and put that nozzle in his little bottomhole. The begging was almost instantaneous, even faster than when I put the ice cube on his butthole to punish him. I was going to continue his beating but I've never punished him with an enema before so I didn't think I should let myself get distracted by spanking him. I read about punishing with an enema before I did it, so I knew how long to make him hold it. I don't know though. It certainly embarrassed him but I don't think embarrassment is as much a punishment as a sore bottom is.

Another good form of embarrasssment would be his Christmas Eve spanking. Yes, I punished him Christmas Eve (I forgot that his Wednesday spanking fell on Christmas Eve. I thought it was Christmas Day for a long time!). We have a suspended wall between the entranceway and the dining area, so I made him bend over it for a underpanties spanking but first he had to wait while I went to get the camera. He laid over it with his feet and arms dangling for a good half hour before I finally whipped him. It had been a long day for him, waiting for me to decide when and where his discipline would take place.

Finally, I put him over the edge of the footrest in the living room for a hairbrush spanking on Saturday afternoon and I had not intended to take a picture but I thought the redness of his behind and the redness of the footrest went so well together that it was worth the picture. I had just stopped a few minutes earlier so he was still sobbing when I took this picture. He got cornertime afterward.
He's on a business trip this week so I won't be spanking him until next weekend, but I think I'll shoot another video then. Since I have to spank him anyway, I'm open to suggestions for implements or position. I personally prefer him over my knees because he's so much more obedient that way. Anyone have thoughts?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes, He Got It... the park, as I promised.

He didn't get it bare bottom, of course. I'm severe but I'm not crazy. In the back of Frontierland is a pretty secluded area where there aren't any rides at all. The park was also pretty empty because of the rain and the cold so I took him back there and when I felt sure there wasn't anyone around, I sat down on a bench and called him over to my lap. You should have seen the look on his face and how fast he looked around for witnesses when I took the hairbrush out of my purse and told him to get his jeans down. He tried to beg out of it, and so I said, "You want it with your underpants down for disobeying me?"

I was NOT pleased to see boxer shorts when he pulled his pants down. The rules are white underpants ONLY on spanking days and he knows it. That alone would have earned him a trip over my knees.

I was very aware of how loud a spanking is when I was disciplining him over my lap right there in the park. Every time I brought the hairbrush down on his behind, it sounded like a firecracker to me. He kept his hands on the ground and his butt in position, so I gave him about thirty good hard swats. He didn't cry. I think he was worried someone would hear him! I was even thinking about going ahead and taking down his underpants but decided to take him back to the room for the bare bottom part of his spanking. I did pull them down long enough to see how red he was, but then I pulled them back up again before anyone came along.

In the hotel room I made him bend over the chair from the desk while I got out the camera. I didn't have enough memory to record it but I got a good photo of him waiting for me to blister his seat with the belt. I made him stay that way for a good twenty minutes while I went and got an ice cube from the machine in the hall. First he got the belt on his bare bottom, then he went over my knees for a session with the ice cube and then I dug out a pair of my dirty underpanties from the suitcase to make him wear since he didn't bring white underpants with him. I made him wear them the rest of the day and to bed that night.

Now that we're back, it's back to his Wednesday and Saturday spankings. I haven't decided yet if I really should spank him on Christmas Day next week.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? And since it's Christmas, how severe should I be if I decide he still needs a spanking?