Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Private

My mom has been here all week and I got spanked both yesterday and today. But all week she hasn't spanked my husband at all until early this evening. Unfortunately she decided to spank him in private. I hate it when they do that. I get a lot of pleasure out of watching him pull down his pants and underpants and go over one of their knees. I think having me witness him getting it makes it much harder for him to hold still. Plus I want to at least get a picture of him getting it (though I don't think it would be wise to try to photograph either of my parents when they're in that mood!). So I had to sneak a picture. It's not very good, sorry. She put him over her knees first and then she took him in the spare bedroom and bent him over the pillows to get the stick. I waited until she was already started before I snuck downstairs with the camera. It doesn't show in the picture but he's got red stripe marks on his bottom from how hard she was hitting him!

Sorry too that this is so brief. When she's here I'd rather her not see me posting on the blog. Just what I need is another session with the belt! I'd much rather she blister my husband's behind!


NaughtyDen said...

Thank you for the post. I am sure you husband felt very embarrassed getting his bare bottom spanked by your mom. When they spank him does he cry? Do you think he feels more like a naughty boy getting spanked by a mom and dad then by his wife?
Do you find yourself feeling more like a little girl when you are over your mom's knee?
I ran the photo through photoshop and it looks better if you want it send me an email and I will send it to you. All that was needed was a little level adjustment.
Thanks again for sharing.

FL said...

What did you and your husband do to warrant such punishment?

Angry Wife said...

Yes, he cries sometimes when they spank him (my mom probably wouldn't stop if he didn't! My dad spanks for a certain number of swats, though, even if you don't cry), but I don't know which spankings make him feel myre like a naughty boy. When I spank him, there's no sex because it's for punishment and of course same thing when they spank him. I should ask him!

When my parents spank me, I definitely feel like a kid again. I got spanked growing up (and now I believe that my parents "enjoyed" spanking me all those times. I remember getting spanked for coming home late from a football game in high school and I thought then that it was REALLY not right that I was getting it over my dad's knees with his belt when I was seventeen.) So I remember my old spankings when they're putting me over their knees now.

Yes, I'd love the photoshopped picture, thank you very much!

I got spanked because I threw a tomato at my mom in the kitchen while we were preparing lunch together. She was just infuriating me with what she was saying (it's a long story about politics in my family) but I got it for that, which I would have guessed. Sunday I got it for a reason I'd rather not say. (Can you believe I am actually embarrassed about why I got spanked?? Not that I got spanked, but WHY!) My husband got spanked for saying a religious curse word, which my religious parents have NO tolerance for. I knew before she spanked him that he was going to get it and maybe get his mouth washed out with soap!

FL said...

Throwing food and cursing are certainly deserving of spanking, hopefully long and hard. Wit regards to your reticence to explain the reasons for your second spanking on Sunday, however, I'd like to point out that a large component of your husband's punishments is to have it publically displayed here in words and pictures. Don't you think it only fitting that the same be applied to you? And that you should either clearly state the reason for your spanking or perhaps have your husband spank you and post the pictures (since it's too late to capture the one you already received)? Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Angry:

A couple of thoughts,first,on the spanking of your god-child...teenage girls,love to show off their bottoms in Bikinis,boy shorts,tangas,thongs & shoo your husband away before you are about to bare the girl's bottom,given the times we live in,is IMO a distinction without much of a difference...

second...just what are "underpanties'???...sounds like a redundency to me...unless,of course there are "overpanties",in which case are they available in assorted pastels...ummmm...size 6....

Love the blog...:)


COFFEE MAN said...

sounds like you are in need of a posted well spankend bottom for what you have done here . If you mom knew im sure we would be seeing a vid of you getting a good spanking and the crying that goes with it .

Anonymous said...

you once asked about ideas. well here is some:
1- for not getting someone to spank him you can punish him by:
. calling his boss at work and ask him to sent him to you for a spanking.
. or make him to go his boss and tells him he has to go to you to get his well deserved spanking.
. showing his boss a proof, his red butt.
thats what he would get if he wont find someone to spank him.

for a more painful spankings you can:
. use raw ginger instead of ice cube. that will make him burn a little.
. warm up his butt before the actul spanking. but spanking him with your hand or a paddel or a brush. give him a nice round red spots, then give him whatever he deserved; the built or the stick.

hope this will help make him a better boy ;)

Anonymous said...

"paddel","built"...try spell check...

If you get a third party involved,there is alsways a level of get the guy's boss involved is totally nuts...

Anonymous said...

Dear Angry:

One of the things I like about your blog is that you take the time to comment on the comments...:)

I totally get a guy getting spanked by a girl...wife,lover,neighbor..the spin can be discipline,foreplay whatever...I do get it...

I also get a guy being spanked by his mother-in-law...a lot more unusual but I still get it..

But,an adult male being whipped (more than once) by another adult male with the qualification that it's his father-in law...

Why would your husband allow himself to be whipped by another male...there is no blood involved,it's not his father...he didn't do any crazy...say driving home drunk with you in the car...he's getting whipped over what one could say are trivial matters...and why is your father-in-law beating another adult male?...

Quite frankly,on the face of it,it's homo-erotic...I would think that both your husband and your dad would have discussed this with you...just what did they say?

Anonymous said...

I was re-reading some of the more recent comments and I have to agree with you AW...your parents enjoy spanking...your fanny being the most readily available...

I think that both you and your Mom enjoy spanking your husband...I think that your husband enjoys being spanked by the both of you...putting it another way...virtually all of the males reading this blog would love,if the situation presented itself,to be spanked by their wife and,why would your husband be any different...

I can only feel that your husband enjoys being whipped by your dad and your father enjoys doing the 8 year old,if he or she was whipped for using a religious curse word would think long and hard about using it again...why this concect has not registered with your husband is beyond me...

I think what we have here is a two generational sometimes two red fannies and four big smiles...

Anonymous said...

Its a bit odd, but it happens. I'm in the same boat - got spanked by my mother in law when we lived with her when we were first married. We both did, my wife and I. Since we moved out she's taken on the spankings duties and I get it off her when I need it but occasionally also still from her mom if we are staying with them and I'm bad. But her Dad, my father in law, well yes I've had it of him too, I was 19 when got married and lived with them. So young enough to go to the woodshed. No whipping though, I almost wish there had been, its more of a guy thing. In that house everyone got it the same way, over the knee pants down. Given the choice, I'd much rather get OTK off my wife or my mother in law, than my father in law, and not just because they don't smack as hard.

Wonder who your husband would pick to get it off, if he had a choice...Which he clearly doesn't?


Markspankee said...

It is not very common that both In-laws spank the son in law although it happens more to daughter in laws from conversations I have had, in todays society, but at one time when a lot of young married couples lived with either parent it seemed to have happened a lot more. My wife spanked me just after we started dating, but we were both unaware that her parents knew. I found out the hard way, although I am not complaining, except it only happened once. They were staying with us for the weekend, my wife was out at a baby shower, when they confronted me with some things they were not happy about, telling me they knew She spanked me, and they were going to do the same. Oh I was 28 at the time. I could give a detailed account but the short version, Dad put me over his knee, without trousers or underpants and gave me a very long hand spanking, He was very strong and handled me easilly, then I was bent over the couch and Mom used the belt from my trousers to give my poor bottom a good dose of it. When they finished I was sent to the bedroom corner for about 30 mins. Someone commented on who made you feel like a naughty boy..definitly Dad. I had to tell my wife when she returned and She just said ...good. To this day I think she knew ahead of time what was going to happen. Unfortunately that was the one and only time, although they should have done it more.

Anonymous said...

The question to be begged is why at 28,you would allow a grown man to spank you?... They were staying with you and your wife so,it wounds like you were financially independent enough to have either a house or apt..

I can certainly understand in-laws being upset with their son-in-law especially if it involves their daughter...but the "seriousness" warrents a spanking???...

You mention that they knew that your wife spanked you...well, the vast majority of spankings in a marriage are could they know for sure that that wasn't the case???...

You were 28 at the time,a grown man,rather than hop across their respective knees,a more age appropriate resonse,could have been oh something like ...Mom/'re freaken nuts and by the by...don't let the door hit you on your respective asses on the way out...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and visit it often for updates. I love to see how sweetly rosy your husband's rump gets. Please post more often. I am also surprised that you don't occasionally spank those jewels as they are often the source of bad behaviour! SCM

jamie said...

Hi, my first time at commenting on your blog. I spank my SO on a regular basis and it doesn't really matter who is present at the time that disciplinary action should be taken. I've spanked him in front of his mother and sister, bare bottomed till he cried like a baby. Jamie

Anonymous said...

My comments are more general. I want to thank Angry Wife again for her strong leadership in creating and sharing this bog. I have pick up very useful tips in dominating my husband. For example, he now has to wear punishment panties; they are white transparent, with three ruffles across the bottom. (He hates them). I warm them real good until I can see the redness underneath, then I take them down and spank even harder.

It usually takes about 5 minutes to get to good begging and tears. How about any one else? Do you go that long or less?

Once I figure out the technology I would like to send a video clip too.

I hope we will hear from you again, Angry Wife. I love your control and would like to see more of your husband getting his well needed discipline.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered this blog. I can relate to being spanked by a mother in law. I have been spanked several times over a few decades by my mother in law. After insulting her in a family argument she told me at the top of her voice in front of my sisters in law that she was going teach me a lesson. She is a lt bigger than me and had no trouble getting my pants down and spanked me black and blue with a hair brush. The spanking was in private but they could all hear me begging her to stop. For days I had trouble sitting. She has also washed my mouth with soap for cursing. While there have only been a few spankings I am threatened a lot. All of the spankings have been in private but she has threatened to spank me in front of the whole family. Believe me I am very careful as I know she can do it.

Anonymous said...

I received my first bare bottomed spanking from my wife on our wedding night. She showered first then I and when I came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around me she came over, undid it grabbed me by my handle and walked me over to the bed. In a flash I was upended across her knees as my spanking began. My wife had little trouble womanhandling me as she is bigger (6'2", 190 lbs.) and stronger than I (5'10", 165 lbs.). Just then their was a knock at the door "housekeeping" and my wife said to come in. What??? The door opened and this 60ish lady came in with extra towels that my wife wanted. Oh my! Oh can you put them in the bathroom for me? I tried getting up but my wife was having non of that and pushed me back down saying it's too late to hide she has already seen me spanking you and started up again. My wife then started up a conversation with this lady without missing a beat, telling her that this was our wedding night and wanted to get things started off on the right foot. The housekeeper started to laugh saying that he was on no foot at all and that it was apparent who would be and who wouldn't be wearing the pants in our home.
The next morning we passed the same housekeeper in the hallway as we headed to breakfast. She looked me straight in the eye and ask us how our evening went as I turned 6 shades of red, to which my wife replied great, we cleared the air about many things, it was quite stimulating and I must have worked up quite an appetite as I am famished. markiee

Anonymous said...

I've got a question, why is your husband letting you do this to him? Why doesn't he just leave? I wouldn't dare let my wife that to me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Getting my bare ass apddled by my wife is something I hate--but I am far from a godd husband at times---andI know I got it coming in spades---I love my wife very much in spite of my behaviors--so when I got to get my bare ass paddled---I just take and it hurts alot

Anonymous said...

My wife's mom spanked me and washed my mouth with soap. It was humiliating but I never crossed he agains

Anonymous said...

Saw my dad get whipped once..... he didn't know it though. My uncle (mom's brother) took him to the garage and gave it to him good! His legs were red and sore when uncle Pete was done with him! Never knew dad could dance! It made me hard! I was 8 at the time. Watching those hairy legs move around to that switch turned me on! Dad was yelling out in pain and crying pretty hard. He slapped his face a little bit too. Pete asked dad when was the last time he shaved as he slapped him up! he'd rub dad's chuin and cheeks a little then slap him a couple times and knock him around.

Anonymous said...

I have been mildly spanked by my wife for her pleasure for a few years. Recently she allowed her sister to come in while I was bent over the couch in panties and getting spanked. I was very embarrassed when I realized she was watching. They told me they would always be together for my spankings. Last month my wife let her sister spank me also. This time they lowered my panties and made me stand in the corner with my panties rolled down. My wife wants to add an enema to these sessions. I don't want that.

Anonymous said...

Believe me-you don't want her to add an enema. My wife and her friend spank me. I am not sure which is more embarrassing: being spread and given the enema or having them insert a plug so I don't leak when being spanked. So try to avoid her adding the enema. Once it goes in you have no control and will do anything

Anonymous said...

They have not yet added the enema but they threaten to do so. Now instead of standing in the corner they leave me spread over the table after the spanking. They now insert a small dildo because they like to watch me squire when they put it in and take it out. I fear worse is coming

Anonymous said...

Two days ago my parents arrived for their half year visit! We both hate this as they will find reasons to spank both of us! I was spanked by both of them yesterday after Mum took my skirt off ,knickers folloowed! As usual they made my bottom very red and I cried and it is still sore today! My hubby was taken up to their bedroom after lunch and they left the door open so I could see them spanking and caning him! Mum was starting to undress him by taking his trousers down as she sat on a chair in front of him. I watched him standing there blushing as dad helped pull them right off! THen he desperately tried to hold his underpants up but had to give up. No erection and he tried to cover his penis but Dad slapped his hand away! Mum gave him a good spanking making his bottom was red! Next they put him face down on the bed, his buttocks raised and Dad started to cane him sharply .His responses were loud as he tried to to cover his red stripped buttocks!He had 20 strokes from them ,Mum joining in to givev the last five! They have promised more spanking and canings before they go home J.

Anonymous said...

I still live at home with parents, my girlfriend and I are saving hard to get a flat together. My Mum is still very strict with me although I am now 21! She even grounds me for a day at time which I spend in my old study!until she is ready to give me my caning! Sometimes my lovely girl friend comes to find me in there waiting for the cane! Mum explains why I am being caned and my girl, we are shortly gettuing enaged ,will usually agree with her, not me and she is invited to see me caned ! She loves seeing me caned and I have to admit I get very excited at the prospect of her watching and now helps Mum cane me! She is asked t take my trousers down whils I have to remov my underpants ! My penis is alwaysd ready to become erect but they have both seen it before! I have to bend down for long slow caning with MUms long rattan cane ahich really hurts me! It raises very red stripes on my bum and thighs I and sometmesi am in tears bbfore they are satisfied that the 25 /30 or so strokes have been efective in punishing me! Mum leaves my girl to comfort me rubbinhg my burning bottom!!

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Anonymous said...

I suffer from my parents visiting once every quarter from France! Mum exspects all to be in order, neat and clean etc! They really has no right to do so but I have to listen to their comments,good OK if poor they tell me off and MUm goes to the Study and selects a cane! Mum takes me up to my bedroom, where she undresses me ,my skirt and my panties ,leaving me bare from the waist down! Dad joins us and watches as Mum arranges a pillow and puts me over it fussing away lifting up my blouse , adding another pillow and makes me open my legs ensuring that my privat parts are clearly visible to him my Aunt and Grandma! She ensures they can all see 'everything ' so my vagina and often my anus, is on view as she opens my bum cleft! I have avery red face beore she starts to cane me as I cry out loudly and my tears flow !She likes a very red bum to be tghe result! The otghers can then look closely at my bum and give me slaps to finish my punishment!

Anonymous said...

Still spanking??

Anonymous said...

Every os often my wife has more than ample reason to paddle my naked butt--she does so it hurts like razy but then things are fine Since it is only she and i who know there is no shame or humiliation involved--If any other woman even saw my naked butt I would be ashamed----It works fine for us but only cause no one else knows

Anonymous said...

You said you take a bare paddling from your wife and that there is no shame or humiliation involved---Are you a real man? You are not ashamed to have your naked MALE bare butt spanked by a woman? You are taking a child's punishment what is the matter with you?

Anonymous said...

Hi there Kay here, I am married to John and I hate his Mums visits ! She always blames me for any mess or the garden not done as shelikes ,although that is Kents job! Oh she does does cane hubby, but in private for some reason but I'm caned before some of his aunts and her Mums old friends ! They can enjoy his sound sanings but I can only listen until i go inat the end and can see his caned bum and thighs ! I can ten smck him ifi wish when he is in corner time and see them all pinching or ticckling him and grbbing for his penis and balls ! Kay

Anonymous said...

Hi there ,Kay here, Befoe she left her husband came down for a few days, and on the lst day a fortnight later they both punished my hubby -their son -and i easallowed to watch! John did look very embarrassed as he was undessed by them ,even his pants were taken off rvealling his private pants were take off !They shared his spanking and this was again watched by her and my relations!! I felt soory for him as they lost no timebefore tgey both spanked John their son quite hard d leaving him almost in tears! They then then gave him stingeing stoke of the cane each and he did start to cry!1 tghis prompted crys from the watcherc of cry baby !! Kay , examaning his bare bum covered in red angry weals with his parents

Anonymous said...

Hello James here, My wife and I dread the annual visit from her Mum and her Husband! He alwaays finds fault with the garden , which hubby looks after ! they argue and befoe long hubby is sent indoors to 'wait for them'! they come in wash up after sendinh hubby to their study! They know where I keep my canes and my straps! She leads the way in selecting canes each and they lectures my hubby ! Her Mum quickly sets about undresing me and takes evrthing down! She has seen all my bare anatomy several times, and she srares at his naughtty bits and watches as her husband stsrt to cane my hubby quite sahrply and quickly make him cry out loudly from the pain!I ofcoures am bot excluded from the punishments and often find myself in tears! HY