Monday, October 13, 2008

Bottom Blistering

I haven't written in a while but his spankings have continued. He still hasn't arranged a spanking with someone else, so his twice a week spankings are going to need to hurt more.

I don't like to spank him in the bedroom because I don't want him to ever get the idea that this is sexual. It's not. I spank him to punish him. But yesterday I broke the time rules and bent him over for the paddle until he was bawling from a blistered bottom. I made him bend over the back of the chair with his butt bared and then I whipped him good and hard. I guess most spankings are the same if you just pull down their pants and underpants, put them over your knees or make them bend over, and then proceed to spank them until they cry. I took his underpants away for the rest of the day and night, too. I think these spankings are starting to make an impression on him. Next weekend our goddaughter will be here, so we'll see if he needs that Saturday spanking after all.