Sunday, March 30, 2008

Underpants Down

It's late and I'm wiped out but here's the summary:

Over my knees while I sat on the edge of the bed, pants down, a hard hand spanking on his underpants.

Underpants down while I got the stick. Bent over the edge of the bed.

25 hard spanks with the stick across his naked behind.

He howled and promised to improve his attitude. That was around spank 20. I didn't let him out of the remaining 5, so he had a good cry during those.
I took a picture of his marked bottom that I'll post later.
Okay, I'm off to bed. More later.

Okay, Okay, Yes, I Get Spanked Too

I've cropped it, of course, but since this photo is directly connected to this blog because this is me getting my ass reddened by my dad for having this blog in the first place. I suppose if my mother ever sees this page, at least she'll see that I'm fair about what I post since I put the picture see took to teach me a lesson.

Okay, SH, there it is! You can stop emailing me asking to see it now.

I spanked my husband this morning and I'll post about it later tonight. I'm at my parents house for a visit for a few days so his behind will get a rest from getting hit for a while.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ice Cube

First, I know I've been gone a long time. Yes, my husband has been spanked since then. More than once in fact. The reason I stopped posting was because my parents found out about the blog and I got the whipping of my life for it. I actually had to take dinner that night standing up because I couldn't sit down and I slept on my stomach that night. After a month though I feel I want to post again even if it means I get another session over their knees. I know some of you are expecting me to post so I don't want to disappoint you longer. If my mom or dad gives me the belt again, I'll just have earned it then.

This weekend he got more heat to his seat (I like this expression!) for getting home late. Normally I don't think being late merits a spanking but Saturday he was supposed to meet the babysitter at the house and when he was late, she had to wait. She called me on my cell to ask where I was. I was at the store, so I called him and discovered he wasn't home yet. I told him I was going home to meet her, and that if I got there before him, he was getting an underpants spanking over my knees in front of the babysitter. He got home before me, you can bet.

After she left, I made him go in the storage room and bend over my knees with his jeans down. The sound of my hand spanking his bottom over and over fast and hard is loud in there. Eventually I pulled those underpants down so I could see how red his butt was. Then he got more with my hand on his bare butt while I scolded him for getting home late. I could feel the heat coming from his bottom while I smacked him and I wasn't going to punish him more than with my hand on the bare when he tried to put his hand behind him. So I sent him to get the stick and an ice cube. He got 20 with the stick while he was draped over the chair (he had to keep his hands and feet on the floor, just like if he bends over my knees, but I can spank harder with the stick if he's bent over the chair) and then I made him get up and spread his butt cheeks for the ice cube. I told him he had to sit there until I came back with the camera.

So, here it is. He didn't cry during his whipping with the stick but he cried while he was sitting on the ice cube. I made him sit until he was almost entirely melted, then over my knees again for an inspection to see how red his butt was. I told him that next time he gets the ice cube I will put on a rubber glove and check with my finger to see how cold his butthole is. That should make him behave for a while!