Sunday, December 30, 2007

All Day Spanking

Well, I ended up spanking him again over the back of the couch last night with the stick, and while I was spanking him, I stopped, took this photo, and told him that I was keeping a blog of his punishments. He knows now but I didn't give him much time to think about it. Today he was spanked every hour on the hour beginning with a wake-up spanking over the pillows on the bed. I told him it didn't matter where we were so one of his spankings was at the Home Depot in the women's restroom. I put my foot up on the toilet, over my knee he went with his pants down, and his bottom got my hairbrush. No one came in so he was lucky in that way but not so lucky the rest of the day. My arm is sore from spanking him all day long. Not as sore as his butt though. He bawled tonight when I spanked him with the bathbrush and then made him sit with his butthole on an ice cube for two minutes. Then it was into pink panties (no pajama bottoms) and into bed. His butt was pretty blistered when I finally finished with his day of spanking, so maybe no spanking tomorrow if he's learned his lesson. We'll see in the morning. If he doesn't seem to have learned, I'm going to ask SH to come by and help me administer something more severe.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday spanking

I didn't get any pictures this time--I was too angry to think about it, so I was just spanking him good and hard. But I have pictures from a previous spanking here, so I'll post those. When my parents were here, he told them that I planned to spank him soon. I set up a space in our storage room where I can just leave things ready to spank him instead of always have to go get the chair, find the stick or the belt, all that. He told my parents, who are already on me about spanking him, and so what happened? *I* got spanked. By my parents. And let me tell you something, it hurts as much at my age as it did when I was in high school. And it's just as embarrassing to go over someone's knees with your underwear down.
Well, he got it for that. I'm still angry and considering another spanking for him tonight. He's in the corner now. I need to take a breath and think.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Long Time, No Spanking

But now it's done. He's had his little behind reddened, and he's had corner time and his mouth washed out with soap for teaching a dirty word to our five year old. Then I made him sit on a hard little chair to really feel the punishment. This was after both me and SH spanked him. More about this later.

I spanked him twice since the last time I posted, and neither time did I feel guilty. I made him stand with his hands on the bed in the guestroom for more than 20 minutes while I decided whether I should use the belt or the stick (I settled on the belt).
I had SH here one day to spank him, and she said that she felt sorry for him while she was putting the belt to him. Not me. He deserved it. It made him pee while he was over SH's knees, though, and that's not acceptable. So I punished him for that too. I wish I had taken a picture of him standing in the corner with adult diapers on after I spanked him again. I made him stay there until he wet himself.
I'm exhausted from dealing with him all the time lately.