Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes, He Got It... the park, as I promised.

He didn't get it bare bottom, of course. I'm severe but I'm not crazy. In the back of Frontierland is a pretty secluded area where there aren't any rides at all. The park was also pretty empty because of the rain and the cold so I took him back there and when I felt sure there wasn't anyone around, I sat down on a bench and called him over to my lap. You should have seen the look on his face and how fast he looked around for witnesses when I took the hairbrush out of my purse and told him to get his jeans down. He tried to beg out of it, and so I said, "You want it with your underpants down for disobeying me?"

I was NOT pleased to see boxer shorts when he pulled his pants down. The rules are white underpants ONLY on spanking days and he knows it. That alone would have earned him a trip over my knees.

I was very aware of how loud a spanking is when I was disciplining him over my lap right there in the park. Every time I brought the hairbrush down on his behind, it sounded like a firecracker to me. He kept his hands on the ground and his butt in position, so I gave him about thirty good hard swats. He didn't cry. I think he was worried someone would hear him! I was even thinking about going ahead and taking down his underpants but decided to take him back to the room for the bare bottom part of his spanking. I did pull them down long enough to see how red he was, but then I pulled them back up again before anyone came along.

In the hotel room I made him bend over the chair from the desk while I got out the camera. I didn't have enough memory to record it but I got a good photo of him waiting for me to blister his seat with the belt. I made him stay that way for a good twenty minutes while I went and got an ice cube from the machine in the hall. First he got the belt on his bare bottom, then he went over my knees for a session with the ice cube and then I dug out a pair of my dirty underpanties from the suitcase to make him wear since he didn't bring white underpants with him. I made him wear them the rest of the day and to bed that night.

Now that we're back, it's back to his Wednesday and Saturday spankings. I haven't decided yet if I really should spank him on Christmas Day next week.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? And since it's Christmas, how severe should I be if I decide he still needs a spanking?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disneyland spanking

We are leaving for Disneyland in a few hours, and in all the Christmas activity (we went to see the Nutcracker last night), I did not administer his Saturday night spanking. I intended to. In the car on the way home, I had him lower his pants so when we pulled in to the garage, I could make him bend over the back of the seat and use my hand on the seat of his underpants. So all the way home, he sat with his pants at his ankles, his underpants showing, knowing he was going to get it soon. But when we got home, I was too tired, so I let him pull them up and told him we'd do it today.

Now it's time to leave for Disneyland, and he still hasn't had his bottom beaten. He's not getting out of it, though. I didn't have the bravery to spank him in Disney World in August but this time, I will make sure he gets a session over my knees in the park. I will wait to bare him back in the room but he will get a good hand spanking on his pants, maybe even on his underpants, in the park itself.

The picture is from Pinnochio. Clearly Walt Disney thought a sore bottom wasn't a bad thing either!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early spanking

Instead of waiting until after I get home tonight, I administered his spanking today before he went to work this morning. He knew it was coming because I told him to go get the stick, the paddle, and the camera for me. I think a sore bottom at work during the day will be good for him. I also discovered that an early morning spanking has a greater effect on him in terms of how much it hurts. I got a much more instant reaction by spanking harder right away and making him bend over my knees in the storage room before the day starts. I have not decided yet if he will get a maintenance spanking when I get home tonight (I love that expression, maintenance spanking, which I was just reminded of in a comment from Dan) because even though this morning's was for punishment (he was VERY late getting home last night), he still needs that maintenance spanking for not yet obeying me about getting a spanking from someone else. We'll see. For now, I hope his little behind is sore at work today.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pre-bedtime spankings

He has just been sent to bed at 9:00. We went from over my knees in the spare bedroom with the belt to over the back of the couch with the stick. His behind was pretty red when I was done, so I think he's had enough for tonight.

I have given quite a few spankings lately. My god-daughter's mother was so excited to hear that I believe in spanking so when my god-daughter was here, her mother encouraged me to let her have it. A 15 year old is not so excited you can imagine but she ended up getting her behind spanked pretty good by the time I was done. She wasn't very obedient at first and wouldn't take her jeans down or bend over my knees.

My husband is still getting his Wednesday and Saturday spankings on schedule. SH asked me if I enjoy spanking him. I don't know if that's the right word. I feel like it's necessary and I guess I get some pleasure out of seeing him be obedient and bend over my knees so embarrassed to be punished. When I pull his underpants down and start spanking his bare butt I feel like I'm giving him what he deserves. SH also asked me how I feel when my parents come to visit and I end up getting spanked by them. I guess I feel I deserve it most of the time.

I guess I think that spanking is a good answer to punishment instead of fighting or yelling. I don't yell when I spank even when I am being extremely strict. I might hit him harder but I don't yell. When I spanked my god-daughter, I ended up spanking pretty hard too and it was very different to spank a teenage girl over my lap with her bottom bared than it is to spank my husband. More about this later. I am going to go check and make sure the light is out. If he's reading instead of in bed with the light out, I will REALLY blister his behind until he can't sit down.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bottom Blistering

I haven't written in a while but his spankings have continued. He still hasn't arranged a spanking with someone else, so his twice a week spankings are going to need to hurt more.

I don't like to spank him in the bedroom because I don't want him to ever get the idea that this is sexual. It's not. I spank him to punish him. But yesterday I broke the time rules and bent him over for the paddle until he was bawling from a blistered bottom. I made him bend over the back of the chair with his butt bared and then I whipped him good and hard. I guess most spankings are the same if you just pull down their pants and underpants, put them over your knees or make them bend over, and then proceed to spank them until they cry. I took his underpants away for the rest of the day and night, too. I think these spankings are starting to make an impression on him. Next weekend our goddaughter will be here, so we'll see if he needs that Saturday spanking after all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Latest hairbrushing

It's been over a month since the last time I posted which means my husband has been spanked at least eight times since then. Every Wednesday and every Saturday he receives a bare bottom spanking until I feel he's had enough. I have been severe with him and not so severe, I think. This is yesterday's Saturday spanking with my hand and the hairbrush. This was a harder video to get because I had to transfer it through different cameras to get it but I think you can still see the redness in his seat as I use the brush on him.

I will keep posting but I haven't seen very much feedback. If you are reading I would like to know. Do you want more details about what he gets? I think blogging his punishments from time to time is a good idea but only if someone is seeing them. Otherwise it's just a private spanking for him and I am trying to be more severe than that.

Let me know what you think, please.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Sore Behinds

These are from yesterday's Saturday spanking. More about that in a minute.

First, I went to SH's house last Sunday to witness her husband getting his first semi public spanking. She pulled out all the stops for this, and he learned a good lesson. She told him at one point that he was going to have to bend over my knees too and you should have heard the begging begin. She whipped him with the ruler first while he was over her lap and then she brought out the paddle. I couldn't believe how hard she hit his bottom with it! She didn't care that he was embarrassed either. She made him pull down his underpants in front of me and then she dragged him by the hand over to me and said, "Get over her knees right now! You're going to get the worst spanking of your life, mister!"

Well, I don't know if I gave him THAT bad of a spanking but I gave it to him pretty hard. SH can't use the belt when her husband is over her knees, but I can, so I gave him a good dose of thet belt. It was very different from spanking my husband because I was very much aware of his penis pressed against my thighs and that I could see his bared butt. I don't think I could have given him an icecube punishment for instance. But I don't think he noticed the difference once I started punishing him though. He was crying when she and I were done with him.

My own husband's spankings continue on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesday was a bedtime spanking so no pictures. I sent him to bed, then got the paddle and came in, made him pull down his pajamas and underpants, and while he was lying on his back, hold his legs up in the air so I could spank his butt. I told him if his legs came down he would get a spanking outside for the neighbors to hear. He held them up until I was finished punishing him.

Yesterday, I put a chair by the deck with the sliding glass door open. Then I marched him to the bedroom, made him put on a pair of flowered panties, and over my knees he went for the paddle. Then I made him go get the stick and bend over the back of the chair so I can blister his behind with that. It took a while for me to feel he'd had enough, and I'm sure the neighbors heard at least something coming from our house that sounded like a good hard spanking being administered on the bare seat. Finally, down came the panties and he had to kneel in the corner for half an hour to think about what I keep telling him to do. If he gets a spanking from someone else who hasn't ever spanked him before, this will all end. Until then, he's going to spend a lot of time feeling my hand, brush, paddle, belt, and stick across his bottom.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stick and Belt

His Saturday spanking. First, pants down over my lap for the stick. I bared his bottom to make it hurt more, but he didn't cry at all, he just jumped around while I was hitting him. But the belt works better. I let him up from over my knees, and took him downstairs to bend over the table to get the rest of what he deserved. You can hear him gasping when he starts feeling the pain from the swats with the belt. After, I made him change into panties and kneel in the corner for half an hour. That's it until Wednesday when he'll get it again if he doesn't obey me and get a spanking from someone else as punishment.

I'm headed to SH's shortly to witness her husband getting his own bottom whipped.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Getting Ready for Saturday

My camera's battery is charging so that when he goes over my knees later today for the stick and then the belt, you can see it and hear it too. Tomorrow before I leave for SH's, I will post both videos of his punishments. We'll see if this motivates him to obey me about getting a spanking from someone else.
After Wednesday's spanking with the stick, I made him pull his underpants down and kneel in the corner until bedtime, then I took him in the bedroom for another session with the stick before he was sent to bed.

SH plans to blister her own husband's behind tomorrow and I am going to go witness it. She has never spanked him in front of anyone so I'm sure he'll be embarrassed.

I'll let you know how that goes when I post my husband's spankings tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Two days a week he will now be getting his bottom spanked until further notice.

Tonight will be the third spanking he has received "on schedule" as I am thinking of it. Last Wednesday I told him that it was unacceptable that he had disobeyed me about getting someone else to spank him as punishment, and so now he will receive two a week until he does so. Then I made him drop his jeans and underpants and bend over the edge of the table to get the belt across his bare behind. He didn't cry, though I gave him a good 50 swats and made sure he went to bed with a red sore butt.

Saturday last weekend, I put him over my knees for almost half an hour, spanking and lecturing about how this is going to go on until he starts obeying me. I was bringing my hand down pretty hard on his butt in the end. I made him stand up and pull down his underpants at one point, and I made him stand there with his privates showing while I lectured him because I knew he was embarrassed. Finally I put him back over my lap and went back to reddening that bottom. My hand got so sore from spanking him that I am sure his butt was still sore the next morning.

Tonight when my show is over at 10:00, he will go over my knees again to get the stick this time. The last two times he hasn't cried so I'm not going to give him a warmup spanking--he's just going to bend over and get it good and hard on his underpants, then I'm going to pull his underpants down and blister his bare butt until I see tears. I'm sitting here with my laptop and he's downstairs thinking about what's going to happen to him in about half an hour. If he is on his computer and logs on he'll see this and know what he's in for. You'd better start obeying me, mister, or you're going to spend a lot more nights waiting to get dragged over my knees for a childish whipping, do you understand? Take a look at that picture from SH's when I was pulling your underpants down to bare you in front of her. That's what you'll get this weekend if you don't do as your told.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Minutes

Two minutes is not enough time to make him cry from a spanking, especially when he knows I'm recording it as part of his punishment this week. So when the recording time ran out on the digital camera I was far from done beating his behind and he had hardly made a sound, mostly because he was ashamed that I was videoing it. Still, you get the idea. By the time I was finished punishing him his butt was even redder than here. He squirms a lot when I swat him hard enough.

I didn't plan to punish him at all tonight since I skipped it last night because I gave him an alternative to getting a whipping every day this week, but he decided he was too embarrassed to do it. I told him if he got a spanking from someone else, even a mild spanking, he could be excused from the rest of the spankings I intended to give him. But he was too embarrassed to ask anyone so now its back over my knees he goes.

I told him he has a week to change his attitude but until then, I will give him a spanking each day because of leaving the garage door open and having someone break into my car. I bet he learns his lesson by the time THIS week is done. I would feel sorry for him, but he earned this and he knows he deserves it. That's why he is very obedient to go over my knees even when he knows he's getting the paddle good and hard. Like tonight.

Okay, time to let him out of the corner and get to bed. I bet even a swat from my hand to tell him he can pull up his underpants will make his bottom hurt now.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spanking at a Friend's House

Let me tell you what a weekend my husband has had or maybe more precisely what a weekend my husband's behind has had.

Saturday afternoon was the first time I needed to spank him, for leaving the garage door open overnight Friday. Guess whose car got burglarized? So guess whose bottom got beaten? I took him out in the garage and put him over my knees to get the stick. I didn't make him pull down his underpants though because the garage door was open and I didn't actually want the neighbors to see his bare bottom. His underpants was enough for them to see.

This was risky though because my parents were here, and I probably should have waited to spank him after they left. My parents have discovered the "joys" of spanking, I can tell, because sure enough they know I'm beating him. (I did it in the garage so they wouldn't see or hear but my mom heard anyway.) I've already had some very intense exchanges with them over this anyway, so you can imagine how badly it went. They completely agreed that he deserved some kind of punishment for the garage door and so what happened? My dad put each of us over the back of the couch with our pants down (me with my skirt up) to get his belt on our underpants and then my mom put each of us over her knees with our underpants/panties down to get the hairbrush. My dad really knows how to use his belt to get his point across and being bared over my mom's lap was pretty embarrassing.

Today I took him to SH's house, which was an unpleasant surprise for him. Because of other things he's been doing lately I had planned to spank him in front of SH while she took pictures for this blog. He was extremely embarrassed when he found out what was going to happen but I made him get over my knees anyway. SH gave me the ruler she uses sometimes on her hubby and then she took a good collection of photos that I plan to use on this blog for a while. He got the ruler and my hand on his underpants and on his bare behind. He got a spanking from SH, which I witnessed. And I got pix to share here.

He's in the corner now while I consider whether or not I'm done punishing him for the day. I think he needs a spanking each day before work to remind him to close the door on his way out. I'm open to suggestions about how to discipline him. I'm extremely upset about the garage thing but frankly I've thought he needed a good spanking for a while now, so it was good to vent some frustration on his behind.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow, Two Months...

But I have spanked him since then. We went on vacation to Disneyland last month and I ended up needing to spank him in the hotel room (and I took a picture after he was bent over the chair to get the belt). I had swatted him four or five times while we were still in the park before taking him back for the belt but I just wasn't quite brave enough to put him over my lap while we were actually IN the park. I sat down on a bench and told him to bend over, but even he could obey or argue I decided we'd get kicked out. So I took him back to the room to get it instead. And you should have heard him beg me not to take his picture this time. I have no idea why he protested so much more this time than other times, but I did it anyway. He needs to learn a lot about obeying me, I say. And then I didn't post it until now because I have been so busy.
But today it was time to spank him again, and since I was going to blog about it anyway I decided to add the picture from Disneyland.
I had him come home from work early so we could get this over with. If I wait until before bed to do it, he will get it much worse because I have all that time to get angrier about why I'm punishing him.
I guess sometimes when I think about it most spankings are the same, really. Today I took him in the kitchen, pulled out a chair, and made him drop his jeans. I sat down, yanked his underpants down to bare him, and forced him over my lap. Then he got the wooden spoon on his bare bottom for a long time, many swats until he was extremely red and begging for me to stop. Then I had him stand up, get me an ice cube, and bend back over for the rest of his punishment. I gave him the ice cube for two solid minutes and then the remainder of his spanking with my hand. I think sometimes it's better to end with my hand because it lets me feel how hot his bottom is and decide if he needs a more severe continuance of the punishment. Today, he sobbed and begged and my hand was enough. I made him stay over my knees for a long time afterward to get lectured because I know the position is embarrassing for him.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home but Tired

I'm home from Vegas. Too tired to spank him today, though he deserves it. You should see this house. I'll make sure he gets it sometime tonight so he goes to bed sore.

This is the photo of him after the spanking last week when I put the tampon in him for the day. I think the photo of him with his bottomcheeks spread to show it is too graphic so just the results of the spanking will have to do. You can see the cord at least. And you can see how red he is. Good spanking with the stick.

I will let you know if I spank him today or not. Haven't decided yet.

More later.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update before Leaving

The bullet-point summary of his punishments today...

*No pink panties before work today during inspection. "The Tampax tampons are in the bathroom. Go get me one and get ready to be severely punished." Jeans down, underpants down to bare his bottom, dragged begging over my lap, I pull those buttcheeks apart and into his little brown hole goes the tampon. No lubricant, just push it all the way up inside his butthole and then pull out the applicator. I feel his penis quickly get erect in the middle of my thighs and then he does it--he pees.

*I make him get me a towel, change his wet underpants, and bend over the edge of the bed to get his tampon punishment photographed. I make him pull his bottom cheeks apart so I can see the cord hanging out. He cries and cries because he knows what's coming next. Damn right that's what's coming next. I get the stick and blister his little bare seat. I make him hold his hands out to get spanked on the palms when he tries to cover his butt. I spank as hard as I can while he wails and I take a photo of that very red, very welted butt when I'm done. I say, "Get in those panties right now and you will wear that tampon until lunch, mister. Be at my office at noon."

*At 12:00, he's over my knees in my office, pants and panties down, my ruler reddening his butt again, and I pull that tampon out while he covers his mouth to keep from crying because it hurts so much. The tampon is swollen and I'm sure the inside of his bottom is very, very dry now.

Gotta go. Plane to catch. Photos when I get back.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pink Panties Punishment

He was wearing the pink panties as punishment this morning as I had told him to. I made him bend over the edge of the bed as part of punishment so I could take this picture.

This didn't mean though that he was getting out of the spanking I had promised him. So I sent him to get me the stick but he said he didn't know where it was. He said, "I think it's lost." I said, I will go get it myself, and if I do, you're getting extra swats.

Well, I'm sure you can guess, I found it right where I had left it, hanging in the closet, and so down came the little girl panties and I beat his behind with the stick for 30 swats while he was bent over the pillows.

He gets another panty inspection and spanking before work in the morning. If I tell him to fetch the belt or the hairbrush and he makes up an excuse that he can't find it, he gets a tampon punishment before the butt warming.

Then tomorrow he is to come to my office at lunchto receive a public spanking, as public as my office at work is with the door closed. I haven't decided yet bare bottom or not. I'll let you know before I leave town for business tomorrow night!

Cell phone

Okay it turns out that taking a picture with your cell phone is very, very difficult. Quality is bad so I've tried to enhance it a little but this still isn't so great. I'm amazed that it has a timer in it and everything but the quality is still so low. I have seen other cell phone photos that I thought were very good. I guess you get the idea though.

This has turned into a spanking week. I spanked him multiple times on Sunday and that was the last time he'll see his own underpants before I leave for my trip tomorrow night. He's to wear the same pair of my pink panties all week and I am doing inspections before he leaves for work in the morning. Of course he didn't know I was going to inspect him Monday morning. So after I sent him to bed with a red sore butt Sunday night in panties he obviously thought he could change for Monday. Well, I called him into the bedroom before he left Monday and told him to pull down his jeans so I could see if he was obeying me. No, he wasn't. So I send him to get the panties again and when he gets back, I take him in the bathroom and wash his mouth out with soap for lying. Then I tell him he's going to get a spanking each morning before work and that he's to come to my office Wednesday during lunch for a midday reminder with the ruler. Then I sit down on the toilet, drag him over my knees, bare that bottom, and spank him with my hand until my arm is sore. Afterwards, I make him change into the pink panties and tell him he'd better start behaving or he'll get a tampon punishment in addition to the spankings. I had told him Sunday while he was draped across my lap that I should spank him in front of his friends or make him ask one of his friends to spank him. You should have heard the crying. He'll start obeying me soon, I can tell.

Time to inspect him and give him his spanking before work. He's been standing in the corner waiting to get it for the last half hour.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday spanking(s)

I'm going on a business trip in the middle of the week and I can already see that it's going to be necessary before I go to leave a sore butt behind. All weekend I have been saying "we have too much housework this weekend and we need to get on it." So today he's running around trying to take care of all the things that he DIDN"T take care of YESTERDAY.

So I told him he's getting it and now he's trying to negotiate with me about how much he can get done before I get the hairbrush or the belt out and blister his little bare seat. I'm half tempted to take him out to the garage right now and get those pants and underpants down so he'll see that I mean business when I say we're doing housework. He hasn't had a spanking in quite a while so I might give him more than one today to make my point. To be honest I have been letting him get away with a lot without spanking him, just threatening about how hard he's going to get it when we get home or how I'm going to spank him bare bottom at the park where everybody could see or bla bla blah. I haven't been going to all the effort to actually punish him and now he's misbehaving a lot. So I think it's time some young man had a good cry and a red sore butt to remind him who's in charge here.

More later after I'm done giving him his whippings.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Underpants Down

It's late and I'm wiped out but here's the summary:

Over my knees while I sat on the edge of the bed, pants down, a hard hand spanking on his underpants.

Underpants down while I got the stick. Bent over the edge of the bed.

25 hard spanks with the stick across his naked behind.

He howled and promised to improve his attitude. That was around spank 20. I didn't let him out of the remaining 5, so he had a good cry during those.
I took a picture of his marked bottom that I'll post later.
Okay, I'm off to bed. More later.

Okay, Okay, Yes, I Get Spanked Too

I've cropped it, of course, but since this photo is directly connected to this blog because this is me getting my ass reddened by my dad for having this blog in the first place. I suppose if my mother ever sees this page, at least she'll see that I'm fair about what I post since I put the picture see took to teach me a lesson.

Okay, SH, there it is! You can stop emailing me asking to see it now.

I spanked my husband this morning and I'll post about it later tonight. I'm at my parents house for a visit for a few days so his behind will get a rest from getting hit for a while.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ice Cube

First, I know I've been gone a long time. Yes, my husband has been spanked since then. More than once in fact. The reason I stopped posting was because my parents found out about the blog and I got the whipping of my life for it. I actually had to take dinner that night standing up because I couldn't sit down and I slept on my stomach that night. After a month though I feel I want to post again even if it means I get another session over their knees. I know some of you are expecting me to post so I don't want to disappoint you longer. If my mom or dad gives me the belt again, I'll just have earned it then.

This weekend he got more heat to his seat (I like this expression!) for getting home late. Normally I don't think being late merits a spanking but Saturday he was supposed to meet the babysitter at the house and when he was late, she had to wait. She called me on my cell to ask where I was. I was at the store, so I called him and discovered he wasn't home yet. I told him I was going home to meet her, and that if I got there before him, he was getting an underpants spanking over my knees in front of the babysitter. He got home before me, you can bet.

After she left, I made him go in the storage room and bend over my knees with his jeans down. The sound of my hand spanking his bottom over and over fast and hard is loud in there. Eventually I pulled those underpants down so I could see how red his butt was. Then he got more with my hand on his bare butt while I scolded him for getting home late. I could feel the heat coming from his bottom while I smacked him and I wasn't going to punish him more than with my hand on the bare when he tried to put his hand behind him. So I sent him to get the stick and an ice cube. He got 20 with the stick while he was draped over the chair (he had to keep his hands and feet on the floor, just like if he bends over my knees, but I can spank harder with the stick if he's bent over the chair) and then I made him get up and spread his butt cheeks for the ice cube. I told him he had to sit there until I came back with the camera.

So, here it is. He didn't cry during his whipping with the stick but he cried while he was sitting on the ice cube. I made him sit until he was almost entirely melted, then over my knees again for an inspection to see how red his butt was. I told him that next time he gets the ice cube I will put on a rubber glove and check with my finger to see how cold his butthole is. That should make him behave for a while!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Out of Action... for a While

Hi, sorry. I didn't intend to disappear for so long. My husband was out of town for a while and I have been very busy with some other things (politics, knitting, a new couch, etc.) as well. But yes, he's been spanked a few times recently. Nothing big, though. He has been pretty well behaved most of the time so I haven't had to be very strict.

Yesterday afternoon, though, he needed his behind warmed with the paddle, so I made him lay down on the table to get it instead of over my knees because it's easier to take a picture than setting up the tripod and the timer.
I'm pretty tired lately but I'll try to post some updates soon. I have some other stories to tell about his spankings later on.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spanking Photos

Since I decided to tell him that I'm keeping a blog about his spankings I have been thinking I should just go ahead and take pictures of them so you all can see him get it too. He got it tonight with the belt so I set up the camera and let it snap photos over and over while I punished him. I just finished whipping him a little while ago and sent him to bed. I still have the belt with me in case I think he needs to get up to get it again.
I know I am spanking him all the time for everything he does even a little bit wrong and I guess he isn't learning anything if I have to keep using this but I will keep doing this until I feel like I am getting through to him. I will redden that little butt evrey single day if I have to. Tomorrow SH is coming over to have lunch with me and if he misbehaves then maybe he'll get spanked over two laps tomorrow.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making Him Wait

As much as I want to be more patient, I just find myself reaching for the belt or the stick all the time. Today I was angry about the dishwasher so as soon as he comes home I am frustrated with him over something else he's done. I tell him to go bend over the piano bench in the living room with his jeans and his underpants down while I get the stick.

Of course he does what I tell him to do. I come in and see him waiting about ten minutes later. He has been there so long that I think maybe he is falling asleep. I have the stick in my hand but I go back and get the camera. I take a picture and then I go swat him once. I stand over him and spank him very hard one time.

I ask him if he will obey me about getting the garbage out. He says yes. I smack him again. I say you better. Then I let him get up and pull his pants up.

I can be less severe I know. I want him to obey me and when he does I can start to be less angry. I need him to be meek and obedient and ready to accept a punishment and then I don't feel like I have to punish him as much. Pulling his pants down and making him bend over to get it makes me feel better actually. When he is lying there waiting for me to start is when I feel the most calm and so maybe it is not necessary to always beat him so severely once I have made him bare his bottom.

If you are reading this, it doesn't mean you won't get punished. It just means I know I don't have to be so strict and so severe all the time. If you obey me when I tell you to, I will not need to punish you as often.

The picture is part of your punishment anyway.

Monday, January 21, 2008


I realized last night as I was whipping Mike's butt for not finishing a project that I told him to that I spank him quite a bit. Mostly out of habit. We're at dinner and I ask him about the book drive he's supposed to be doing. He hasn't answered the email about it yet and its going to happen the next day.

"You're getting a spanking when we get home," I hear myself say.

"But I'll do it," he says.

"You bet you will," I say, out of habit a second time. "Right after you're done over my lap."

"Please don't spank me again," he says. Almost whsipering because we're in a restaurant. "I'm still sore from getting spanked twice Sunday."

I put my purse on the table. "My hairbrush is in here. Do you want to go with me to the restroom and get your pants down right now?"

He's quiet all the way home and I know he's wondering how severe it will be. I am wondering, too. I've already forgotten what he did but I am thinking about how to punish him. In the restaurant I was thinking a couple of swats across the seat of his underpants while he was facing the wall. Then I was thinking bare butt over my knees with the brush. Then on the way home I decide something more severe even though what he did isn't so bad.

When we come in the door, I say, "Go get me the stick and then put a folding chair on the deck. The cold air on your bare butt over my knees will make it hurt more."

He starts to argue. I say, "You know what then? Go get me the spanking panties. NOW."

He brings them. I take him and the panties in the kitchen and soak the panties in cold water.

"Now put them on and put that chair outside," I tell him. "The stick on cold, wet panties ought to teach you to..."

I realize that I don't know what it is I want him to do.

I make him put the panties on anyway, and he starts to sob while he changes there in the kitchen. He starts to put his jeans back on, but I tell him to leave them off and go get the chair. The wet panties stick to his bottom as he does as I tell him. I go get the stick out of the closet and put my coat back on. Then we go out on the deck in the dark.

I don't need to turn on the porchlight because I can see well enough with the moon. But it's freezing cold, so I hurry. I sit down and make him bend over my lap. I begin to spank him immediately.

The stick on the seat of the cold, wet panties makes a very dull sound and I can tell it hurts a lot--he starts to cry almost immediately. I continue to whip him as hard as I can, and he begins to beg. But he always begs. So I keep spanking him and it isn't long before my knuckles are freezing cold holding the stick so tightly and I think he's had enough. I tell him to get up and go inside but he has to wear the panties to bed, even if they're wet. Too bad, you're being punished, I tell him. If you disobey me, you get the belt next.

When we are back inside, I can see his bottom through the wet panties. I have spanked him so hard that he's blistered. There are long red marks across the backs of his thighs where I punished him and the panties are sticking to him so I can see that I smacked him many times. No wonder he is crying so hard.

I feel horrible.

This is not a good habit, just spanking him for any reason.

I need to think about how often and why I bend him over. He will obey for any spanking, so I need to use them more wisely.

I tell him he can change underpants, and as he does, I see how red and sore he is. I promise myself no more just for any random reason.

Then tonight, I caught myself taking him into the bathroom to spank him. I sat down on the toilet, made him come over to me, undid his jeans and pulled them down to his knees, yanked his underpants down, picked up the brush, and told him to bend over my knee to get punished. He was obedient, like always. He even said, "Yes, ma'am," when I said he deserved a butt blistering. He bent over, and I put my leg over his legs to hold him in place while I beat him.

Then I saw his red bottom from the last night. The marks were still there very easy to see. He put his head down and waited for me to start.

I let him up and told him it was only cornertime. He pulled his underpants up and went to obey me.

I have to get control of this habit of just spanking because I'm annoyed with him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


That stands for "over my knees," if you were wondering.

So, somebody is standing in the corner right now with his hands on top of his head and his underpants at his ankles waiting for me to give him a second session with the belt. Once again, he just can't keep his mouth shut around my parents. So, as soon as they left this afternoon, I dragged him over my knees to blister his bare butt. Since he knows about the blog now I told him part of his punishment was I wanted to see what he sees when he's bent over to get it so I made him take pictures after he was bent over. I tried to take them myself but you can see how that turned out (second photo)! I believe I could put a movie up here so I might be doing that in future but for now, this is what he sees when he's over my knees with his underpants all the way down which is how they need to be so he can get the ice cube on his butthole before I start hitting him. His butt his shiny red now and my arm is sore but we're not done yet.

He was very embarrassed to take the picture but he's always very obedient when I spank him so he did what I told him to do. I feel a little bad that he still has the belt to come since I think I spanked him pretty well with the hairbrush already but I told him he was getting more, so it's too late to change my mind now. In 14 minutes, he's bending back over my knees. That's the way it goes.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I like how the mom in this has clearly given the son a good spanking with the belt. Into the bathroom, bend over, and let the belting begin. The belt is what I use most often on my husband to punish him because he was spanked with the belt a lot growing up. His bare bottom gets very red very fast from the belt and though it's hard to use on him when I make him bend over my knees, I still feel it's the best instrument to teach a lesson. Comments about what you prefer to use?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The stick

I haven't had to punish him in the last week or so, and that's probably good because it means two things, one that he is obeying me more and two, the next time I spank him, it will make an impression. In looking back through my photos, I guess I favor the stick. Both times I set up the camera and told him the photos were to reinforce the punishment. I don't think he has ever seen them, but now that he knows about this blog, he might come across them. This is the first one and I'll post the other one another time. The stick makes him cry faster than the belt so I save it for when I want to really blister his seat. When I took this picture I had the stick in one hand and the camera in the other and he was bent over the pillows on the bed. I think he was on stroke 10 or so. He was already crying but I was far from done whipping his bottom. I gave him a spanking by hand in the bathroom after this and then the ice cube while he was over my knees. I prefer him over my knees actuallay because I can control him better but over the pillows I can use the stick or the belt much better.