Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stick and Belt

His Saturday spanking. First, pants down over my lap for the stick. I bared his bottom to make it hurt more, but he didn't cry at all, he just jumped around while I was hitting him. But the belt works better. I let him up from over my knees, and took him downstairs to bend over the table to get the rest of what he deserved. You can hear him gasping when he starts feeling the pain from the swats with the belt. After, I made him change into panties and kneel in the corner for half an hour. That's it until Wednesday when he'll get it again if he doesn't obey me and get a spanking from someone else as punishment.

I'm headed to SH's shortly to witness her husband getting his own bottom whipped.


Anonymous said...

You know how to administer an excellent strapping.

Anonymous said...

I know what it feels like! Both my first and my second wife -not to mention some previous or intermediate girlfriends- delighted in using various implements (such as a hairbrush, paddle, wooden spoon, rattan cane or martinet) to remind me of who was "top" in our relationship! And let's not forget the maple switches I was required to go cut in the backyard (and which were put to soak in a mix of water and vinegar so as to keep them fresh and 'whippy'!)

dave b said...

My dad was a big strong guy and a trucker--He was the boss of our house except if he drove our car after drinking---It would have meant losing his truckers license--On the few occasions this happened he never argued one bit. they went in the bathroom he stripped and put his hands flat on the bath tub bottom and mom paddled his butt with a skinny paddle---he might have pleaded but he took a long hard paddling --He later told us openly he got what he deserved--Us guys saw his butt sometimes and it was red and sore. Mom would tell him bluntly--"Phil go to bed and he went to bed like a spanked boy