Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Sore Behinds

These are from yesterday's Saturday spanking. More about that in a minute.

First, I went to SH's house last Sunday to witness her husband getting his first semi public spanking. She pulled out all the stops for this, and he learned a good lesson. She told him at one point that he was going to have to bend over my knees too and you should have heard the begging begin. She whipped him with the ruler first while he was over her lap and then she brought out the paddle. I couldn't believe how hard she hit his bottom with it! She didn't care that he was embarrassed either. She made him pull down his underpants in front of me and then she dragged him by the hand over to me and said, "Get over her knees right now! You're going to get the worst spanking of your life, mister!"

Well, I don't know if I gave him THAT bad of a spanking but I gave it to him pretty hard. SH can't use the belt when her husband is over her knees, but I can, so I gave him a good dose of thet belt. It was very different from spanking my husband because I was very much aware of his penis pressed against my thighs and that I could see his bared butt. I don't think I could have given him an icecube punishment for instance. But I don't think he noticed the difference once I started punishing him though. He was crying when she and I were done with him.

My own husband's spankings continue on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesday was a bedtime spanking so no pictures. I sent him to bed, then got the paddle and came in, made him pull down his pajamas and underpants, and while he was lying on his back, hold his legs up in the air so I could spank his butt. I told him if his legs came down he would get a spanking outside for the neighbors to hear. He held them up until I was finished punishing him.

Yesterday, I put a chair by the deck with the sliding glass door open. Then I marched him to the bedroom, made him put on a pair of flowered panties, and over my knees he went for the paddle. Then I made him go get the stick and bend over the back of the chair so I can blister his behind with that. It took a while for me to feel he'd had enough, and I'm sure the neighbors heard at least something coming from our house that sounded like a good hard spanking being administered on the bare seat. Finally, down came the panties and he had to kneel in the corner for half an hour to think about what I keep telling him to do. If he gets a spanking from someone else who hasn't ever spanked him before, this will all end. Until then, he's going to spend a lot of time feeling my hand, brush, paddle, belt, and stick across his bottom.


Anonymous said...

My wife spanked me in our yard one time She led me naked out to our picnic table sat down on a bench draped me over her knee and started hand spanking me. About 3 minutes into it our FedEx lady came around the back of the house to leave a package under our deck when she stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at the sight before her. Oh... sorry to intrude. It's mark's 40th b'day and I was giving him his spanking. This is a whole other side of your husband that I haven't seen before. And both women laughed. I tried getting up but my wife pushed me back down saying that she wasn't done yet and that it was too late to cover up as Betty has already seen me spanking you. My wife then slipped off her leather sandal and started paddling me which got 100% of my attention and I didn't care who saw me kicking my legs around promising to be good.
My wife then told Betty if I was ever rude to her she had her permission to take me over her knee any time she liked. Thanks, I'll have to remember that. well enjoy your day and happy b'day little markiee.

Anonymous said...

I'm so turned on

Anonymous said...

Omg I know exactly what you are going through my wife has been making me wear panties bras hose skirts blouses and nighties and spanks me not only when we are alone but in front of her friends too
It's so embarrassing