Sunday, September 14, 2008

Latest hairbrushing

It's been over a month since the last time I posted which means my husband has been spanked at least eight times since then. Every Wednesday and every Saturday he receives a bare bottom spanking until I feel he's had enough. I have been severe with him and not so severe, I think. This is yesterday's Saturday spanking with my hand and the hairbrush. This was a harder video to get because I had to transfer it through different cameras to get it but I think you can still see the redness in his seat as I use the brush on him.

I will keep posting but I haven't seen very much feedback. If you are reading I would like to know. Do you want more details about what he gets? I think blogging his punishments from time to time is a good idea but only if someone is seeing them. Otherwise it's just a private spanking for him and I am trying to be more severe than that.

Let me know what you think, please.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Dan and my wife spanks me also. The problem with feedback is that your blog is hard to find. You might try putting some keywords in. Another thing you could do is to write the guy who writes Spanked Hubby blog. He goes by the name DWCMike. His blog has a large readership, so if he put a link to your blog, you would get a lot more traffic.

For myself, I REALLY like your blog and the videos! I'd love so see some frontal views of the spankings as well!


Angry Wife said...

I'll see what I can do, Dan. Does your wife spank you as punishment? And how does she go about it? I plan to post more videos in the future since my husband gets spanked regularly over my knees. Does your wife put you over her knees as well? I can certainly recommend to her means of spanking that will leave your bottom sore for some time.

Anonymous said...

My wife spanks me for punishment, but we have a contract that allows her to spank me anytime, so long as she states the reason for the spanking. So, although most spankings are for breaking rules that she has established (such as putting dishes in the dishwasher, etc.), she can also spank me if she thinks I am generally being difficult, or just need it. I also get a Sunday evening maintenence spanking (only once per week, not twice like your husband).

In our house all spankings are given bare bottomed, with pants and underpants lowered, over the knee. An implement is always used; the most common are bath brush, wooden spoon, and hairbrush. I also frequently have to kneel in front of her and extend my hands for hand spankings before the bare bottom spankings. Most spankings last between about 100 and 200 strokes. I often cry, but not always. She generally spanks until she thinks I am truly/honestly sorry. I often (but not always) get corner time after a spanking.


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent video of an old fashioned over the knee spanking administered in a traditional maternal manner.

In my opinion over the knee spanking of husbands using hand and/or hairbrush are the best for engendering submissive feelings in the husband. Treated like an unruly disobedient six year old, his mental state during and after the actual physical licking embraces the feeling of being a naughty little boy deserving correction by his wife acting as a surrogate for his mother.

Anonymous said...

I've just come back and looked at the rest of the videos of your husbands spankings, and showed them to R as well, they are very good records of clearly well applied domestic spankings, congratulations, and please keep it up.

R is less impressed, I think he is worried that I may do the same, at the moment I just have him write posts on his blog about the spankings I give him when he is naughty, like yesterday when I had to give him the hairbrush for drinking too much on Friday night.

One more thing which it seems we have in common, like you I quite often give R his spankings on his shorts, I save bare for when he's been quite naughty so that it doesn't lose its impact, which it would do if I always took his pants down. How often does your husband get it with his pants down, and how often on his shorts?

hugs, K

Ps to increase the effectiveness, have your husband write the commentary to the video sometimes, it does R the world of good to tell everyone what he did wrong and what the consequences were.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog, please continue! We are from Europe and I use spankings and other punishments as consequences for his behaviour and when he breakes our rules. I often use corner time and line writing as punishment as he hates it more then getting spanked. Also sitting on a doormat (coconut fibres) after a spanking to write his lines (a few hundred depending on the lenght of the sentence) works well for him.
Corner time is sometimes a punishment on it's own. Then some uncomfortable positions are used and the amount of times get longer. Minimum is 30 minutes, but it can take as long as 3 hours for a severe punishment. The maximum was 4 hours, but that was because he didn't keep position and he earned extra's. For corner time longer then an hour he gets a break of 5 minutes every hour.
Some people tell me it's to severe to give corner time longer then one hour. What do you think? Do you have special methods or rituals that you use? Whats is your maximum of corner time?


Anonymous said...

Hi I am lucky that I get spanked by my wife when we get time alone.My favourite implement is thee cane, really enjoyed your clips, lucky boy.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a wife like you.

Anonymous said...


I am a Disciplinary Wife and I just came across your blog and like it very much because it is REAL, not fantasy like most blogs, and also that it is written by the wife. I have been reading it back to front so I can get an idea of how things have been since the beginning.

I personally don't think you are spanking him too much. The way I know to give my husband a break is if the bruises or welts are still quite pronounced when I want to spank him again. Like you, I spank very hard, almost always until my husband is crying, and the bottom does need to recover. My favorite is the hairbrush ... because he fears it so much! But it does leave bruises that generally last 2-3 days, so if I think I will need to spank him more frequently, I stick to the belt. The belt embarrasses him more because I make him take his own belt out of his pants and hand it to me! I then make him pull down his pants and underpants while facing me, both to embarrass him and to see the state of his penis, as he often is aroused at this point. Of course I can't have that. 3-4 hand smacks of his cock and it shrinks right down! Then he goes over my knee for the hairbrush, or over the arm of the couch for the belt. He gets extra for having been hard.

Anonymous said...

hie im new here how do i go to your blog this video is the only one i see it do you have others i really then want to see them actually im about to get married and i never done spanking punishment before so i think i still need alot to learn but i wanna ask you how do you get your husband to agree to his spanking do he refuse or not

Anonymous said...

To be honest...everything in the video looks authentic except i am disappointed in his pain tolerance..

paul said...

I know you wrote this a year ago but I have just discovered it! I on occasions get the nursery cane otk! Babyish and childish but effective has me kicking squirming and clenching my bottom! Also gets my sit spots! Was wondering if y use this intense form of discipline?

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richard jones said...

more discipline less crime.

Anonymous said...

Only recently have I discover this blog and my husband is very unhappy I found it. I spank him with a hairbrush or paddle 3-4 times a month. When I know he will be spanked I leave panties for him to wear to work under his clothes. When he gets home he strips to a tshirt and panties. He stays like that until he's spanked. When it's time, I have him bend over and I spank him. He has to lower his panties when told. After a while he takes the panties completely off and goes over my knees. He hates this because he knows he will be spanked but also I'll finger him or use a smaller dildo on him. Finally he goes across a desk. When he does, the dildo usually falls out. He's spanked more and the dildo goes in for his corner time.
This was always private until recently when a long time girlfriend unexpectedly showed up. Luckily for him the panties were gone by then. I told her he was about to go over my knees and said sorry you saw this and you can leave if you want. She wanted to stay and she watched him spanked. I spared him the humiliation of the dildo and sent him to a corner when I was finished.
As he stood with his red cheeks facing us, she confided she got wet watching. I'll have her over again.

Anonymous said...

I received my first adult spanking on our wedding night. After my wife showered I showered, she led me (we were both naked) by my male muscle, over to our hotel bed as she sat down. I thought she was going to give me a BJ when in 1 quick motion turned me over her knee and started my spanking. A couple of minutes in, their was a knock at the door "housekeeping I have your extra towels". Then to my shock my wife said "come in". This middle aged woman came in & stopped dead in her tracks as she took in the sight before her. "Sorry ma'am, I thought you said to come in, I'll just leave these here for you". I tried getting up but my wife was having none of that and bent me back over and leaned down harder on my back and gave me 10 quick hard spanks before asking her to put them in the bathroom for her as she currently has her hands full. "As you wish ma'am" as she walked within 6' of us on her way to the bathroom. When she came back out my wife thanked her and told her this was our wedding night, to which she congratulated us. My wife told her she was setting down some ground rules for our future life together, and was showing me what would happen to me if I said no to her, talked back to her, sassed back or just getting too big for my britches. She conversed with her without skipping a beat. The woman said "I can see you have things well in control & who will and won't be wearing the pants in your happy home. Have a fun night". markiee

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Erin and I found this blog. My husband, Pat, is not a happy camper. He now has no guys underwear, only panties. When I spank him, he must take his own panties down. He goes over my knees with his equipment between my thighs. When I begin to spank him I feel him getting hard. I continue with my hairbrush until I feel him shrinking. When I'm finished, I insert an enema nozzle and hose into him. He does corner time with it. I make him keep it in until the end of the evening. I love watching him sit sideways to eat or watch tv. I find plenty of excuses to have him get things. Watching him with the hose hanging out turns me on.

Anonymous said...

My wife spanks me on a regular basis only because I ask for it. I get very aroused when I am going to get a spanking. She gets the hairbrush and tells me to take my clothes off. By now I am super hard. She does not object at all because this means that she is turning me on. Across her beautiful legs I go. She puts the hairbrush to work and is very severe. The hairbrush does its job very effectively. My wife spanks all over my bare rear end. She then goes to the backs of my legs with nine or ten strokes landing on the same spot. This is too intense for me, and I explode in orgasm which my wife loves. At the end I probably have received 200 strokes which is a very severe spanking. But then again I asked for it.

Matt said...

I need a woman who will spank me when I break her rules