Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last Thanksgiving

It was around last Thanksgiving but not actually ON Thanksgiving, I don't think, when I remember whipping him angrily with the stick. I made him bend over the toilet seat with his pants and underpants down and I spanked him with the stick about 20 times for disobeying me. He cried and cried. I then told him I would take a picture to help him remember so I would show him later on to remind him. But now I can't remember what it was for. THIS is one of the problems I have spanking him, not really remembering why. It makes me feel guilty for punishing him but really do I need to be able to remember every single spanking and what it was for? I still haven't told him about this blog but when I do he's in for a serious shock. I need to save it for a really severe punishment. I have been considering spanking him for various things all week long. It's coming soon, I know. Just a question of when and how hard it will be.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Telling Him

I have absolutely no problem telling my husband what's going to happen to him once I decide to spank him. Nothing about spanking him embarrasses me. I don't even hesitate if I think he deserves it. I have pulled his underpants down in front of friends of mine while dragging him over my knees. I have spanked him in public where total strangers could see and hear. I'm not embarrassed to see his exposed privates before he bends over my lap and I'm not even embarrassed to pull his buttcheeks apart to use the ice cube on him or to take his temperature as part of punishment. One time he peed his pants while I was spanking him but I didn't stop and wasn't embarrassed to feel it. But I am so hesitating to tell him that I am posting about his punishments. Maybe the next time he does something super bad, then I will feel that it is part of his punishment after I spank him. I almost spanked him today but then changed my mind because I didn't really think he deserved it. That would not have been the spanking to tell him about this blog, I don't think. Sooner or later I will tell him. But not yet.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Too Strict

Sometimes I feel a little guilty about times I've punished him before. Today, as I was thinking about what to post, I was looking through some of the photos I have. I found this one, and it was from a time I told him I was going to spank him so one of his friends on IM could see him getting it. I made him turn on the webcam, but I didn't really broadcast it to anyone; I just told him I would if he wasn't obedient. I made him put on panties and bend over my knees in front of the webcam. Then I took a picture of it and told him I hadn't decided yet which of his friends online I was going to contact to see his beating. He bawled hysterically (which is why I changed my mind), and I decided I was being way too strict and mean. Am I too strict to put it here?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well, That Didn't Last Long

My mom and dad had been gone less than an hour before I was furious with my husband for things he said to my parents (things that he KNOWS he's not supposed to tell them). So off we go, me dragging him by the hand, to the bedroom to get over my knees for a hard spanking on his bare seat. Back into panties he goes as additional punishment and then off to the corner to stand until I decide whether or not I'm done reddening that behind.

I stepped into the room while he was standing in the corner and took a photo as more punishment. You know, though, I haven't sent him the link for this website yet. I think I am saving it for a REALLY serious punishment later on when I say, as he's getting up off my lap rubbing his sore butt, "Go look at and see why you'd better straighten up in the future unless you want more of your spankings to go online!"

I made sure you can see the women's panties and that sore, red bottom too. He was still sobbing when I took the picture but maybe he needs the ice cube and the stick. I'll think about it.


I'm tired this weekend and that's the time I have to be most aware that I am grouchy and could easily end up spanking my husband for no really good reason. That isn't the way I want to be. I spank him because I think the punishment will teach him a lesson, not just to vent. In the past I have really blistered his bottom just because I was in a bad mood and I didn't even realize it until he was crying that he was so sorry for whatever he did. Whatever he did? Didn't I tell him what he was being whipped for? I remember looking down at his bare butt over my knees before and it was so red from me spanking him and I was out of breath from spanking him so hard. I felt guilty. Now I try to remember to spank only if he has earned it, not just because I'm having a hard day. At the very least I hope I will only make him stand in the corner while I calm down before I go get the brush and make him drop his pants to get it.
In this picture, the woman spanking her husband is left handed which I think is cool since I'm left handed too.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tonight's Spanking

Well, it's done.
I know it hurt. He cried and begged after I pulled those underpants down to paddle that bare bottom of his. The brush is very effective for reddening his butt, and he knew he was going to get it good from the minute he walked in. We went straight to the downstairs bathroom and he pulled his jeans down before bending over my knees. Remember I said he was pretty obedient when it's time to get punished? He held still and took the spanking without trying to put his hands behind him to cover and without kicking too much. He knows better or I'll have to be more severe. And believe me, I can still be more severe than just a simple bathbrush spanking across my lap.
I spanked him until my arm was getting tired and then I put him in the corner for half an hour with his pants and underpants down to think about what he was in trouble for (not contacting the contractors today like I told him). I caught him rubbing and I almost told him that he had to bend over again to get more, but I didn't. Instead, I told him to put on a pair of white panties and get to bed. I told him before he leaves tomorrow morning I will do a panty inspection and I'll do it again when he gets home. If he disobeys me and doesn't wear the panties I made him change into tonight, I will give him a spanking to remember and then consider further punishments like the ice cube. He'll obey, though, because when it comes to being punished, he's amazingly well behaved. I told him once he would stand in the corner until he peed his pants as punishment, and he would have obeyed me if I hadn't decided that it wasn't necessary and let him out of the corner before it happened!
He went to bed crying. I think he'll sleep on his stomach tonight. I will sleep on my right side because my left arm is sore from paddling him.

Friday, November 9, 2007

NOW It's Time

He's out with a friend tonight but as soon as he comes in, he's going over my knees. I gave him some very specific things to take care of in preparation for moving to a new house and tonight I find out that he hasn't taken care of them. So, I left a message on his cellphone to tell him to come upstairs and get me when he gets home and we'll go downstairs to the bathroom. I am going to lay out the bathbrush for his bare butt when he's over my knees while I sit on the toilet. I am also going to set up the camera so I can get some screen captures that I can post here to teach him an extra lesson. He'll get corner time afterwards and tomorrow all day he will wear panties instead of his underpants so he can remember. He is having breakfast with a friend of his tomorrow so he will have to sit there with her and know that he's being punished the whole time because he's wearing a pair of women's panties. I hope he learns a lesson about doing as he's told. More later after he's had a good hard spanking.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

When It's Time

I will say this about my husband: when it's time, he obeys. Sometimes I get arguments but most of the time he does what I tell him to do once I have decided he has earned a spanking.

In the past I have told him to come to my office at work so I can spank him there. I have spanked him over my knees in the back seat of the car on the grocery store parking lot. I have spanked him on the deck on a warm summer night when the neighbors have their windows open to hear my hand smacking on his butt. One time I took him in the women's room at a major department store and made him bend over the toilet seat in the handicapped stall so I could spank him with the hairbrush from my purse. I always take his pants down and about half the time his underpants too. Bare bottom is always best, I think, it makes the severe impression and properly embarrasses him. He always pulls them down when I tell him too, and even if he is blushing he always stretches across my knees to get his spankings. I have to say he's usually good when he's about to be punished for being bad.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Additional Discipline

I also punish him other ways in addition to spanking him (but spanking is the main thing). One that I use quite a bit is making him wear women's panties to get it. This is pretty effective at embarrassing him when I make him put them on. I have two different pairs he has to wear, one is a pair of my old white cotton Hanes Her Way panties and the other is a pair of pink rayon panties. I let him change in privacy because I will make him wear them all day long before or after the spanking, even to work. I tell him he is going to have to sit down to pee today.
When I spank him I always spank him on the panties first. While I'm hitting him with the hairbrush over my lap, I tell him he's a bad little girl which I know makes him embarrassed too. He was wearing the white pair the time that SH spanked him, and she told me she had asked him before she started if it embarrassed him. He said it did. One time I was spanking him while he was wearing my panties and he tried to resist. I grabbed his hand and told him that I would punish him with a tampon if he didn't behave. You know he behaved instantly after that.

More of the Same

To answer SH's question, yes, that is screen capture from a low quality video I set up while I was spanking him. And yes, I have other screen captures, so here is another. I think the belt is better than the paddle because it has a much better effect on him. His mother used the belt on him and so he reacts more like a boy when I tell him to go get the belt for me. I used the paddle this time because I knew I was going to lecture him a lot and so I knew he would get spanked for a long time. I don't spank THAT long with the belt but with the paddle he could stay over my knees for almost 30 minutes of punishment. I start with my hand on his underpants and then move on to bare bottom with either my hand or something like the paddle or belt or stick or hairbrush. The belt is hard to use when he's bent over my knees, by the way.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just in Case

Just in case there is any doubt in his mind that I will do what I said I will, here is a spanking from a while ago. Bare bottom and the paddle followed.

He often cries about halfway through a spanking which is about the time that I yank his underpants down to really give him what he deserves. It's okay with me if he cries and begs like a little boy because that's why he's being spanked, to teach him to obey me. Over my knees is best because I can hold him still, but for the stick I have bent him over the kitchen table and over the edge of the bed. I have pictures of his well spanked bare butt that I will post later. You see that I will punish you this way now, right?

To Teach a Lesson

I told him I would do this to teach him to behave me. I will send him the link so he knows that I am serious and that I intend to post to it often. I have been spanking my husband for some time but I think this will be an effective punishment too. He is SO overdue to bend over my lap with his pants down getting the belt. If I don't see improvement in his attitude soon, that is what I will do. I hope he is listening to me when I post this.