Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last Thanksgiving

It was around last Thanksgiving but not actually ON Thanksgiving, I don't think, when I remember whipping him angrily with the stick. I made him bend over the toilet seat with his pants and underpants down and I spanked him with the stick about 20 times for disobeying me. He cried and cried. I then told him I would take a picture to help him remember so I would show him later on to remind him. But now I can't remember what it was for. THIS is one of the problems I have spanking him, not really remembering why. It makes me feel guilty for punishing him but really do I need to be able to remember every single spanking and what it was for? I still haven't told him about this blog but when I do he's in for a serious shock. I need to save it for a really severe punishment. I have been considering spanking him for various things all week long. It's coming soon, I know. Just a question of when and how hard it will be.

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Anonymous said...

That was a sound caning looking at the photo! Clearly he did something to really annoy you at the time! His bottom is well marked and documents the caning for the
future !i amnot surprised he cried Didyou give him a warm yp spanking first?