Thursday, November 8, 2007

When It's Time

I will say this about my husband: when it's time, he obeys. Sometimes I get arguments but most of the time he does what I tell him to do once I have decided he has earned a spanking.

In the past I have told him to come to my office at work so I can spank him there. I have spanked him over my knees in the back seat of the car on the grocery store parking lot. I have spanked him on the deck on a warm summer night when the neighbors have their windows open to hear my hand smacking on his butt. One time I took him in the women's room at a major department store and made him bend over the toilet seat in the handicapped stall so I could spank him with the hairbrush from my purse. I always take his pants down and about half the time his underpants too. Bare bottom is always best, I think, it makes the severe impression and properly embarrasses him. He always pulls them down when I tell him too, and even if he is blushing he always stretches across my knees to get his spankings. I have to say he's usually good when he's about to be punished for being bad.


Anonymous said...

I am blessed by a strict but loving spouse and I always want most to cooperate "when it's time." This is my special moment to prove my love and devotion and respect and appreciation because she has taken the time to hold me to a higher standard, to show how much she loves me and believes in in me. When she spanks me she is giving me her undivided attention. I need her to do this and I am always thankful.

Anonymous said...

You are to be much admired for taking action when it is called for, even in public places.

When my wife spanks me in public places she usually gives me only a few swats on my backside fully clothed.

In my opinion your approach is preferable. Discipline should be administered immediately even if this means giving a good old fashioned licking in public.

David said...

You are a wonderful woman to care about your husband so much to make him improve his bevaior and to spank him. All men should obey their wives. Thank you for your web blog and sharing. Like many husbands, I could use some counseling from a strict and mad wife. --David in Kirkland