Friday, November 9, 2007

NOW It's Time

He's out with a friend tonight but as soon as he comes in, he's going over my knees. I gave him some very specific things to take care of in preparation for moving to a new house and tonight I find out that he hasn't taken care of them. So, I left a message on his cellphone to tell him to come upstairs and get me when he gets home and we'll go downstairs to the bathroom. I am going to lay out the bathbrush for his bare butt when he's over my knees while I sit on the toilet. I am also going to set up the camera so I can get some screen captures that I can post here to teach him an extra lesson. He'll get corner time afterwards and tomorrow all day he will wear panties instead of his underpants so he can remember. He is having breakfast with a friend of his tomorrow so he will have to sit there with her and know that he's being punished the whole time because he's wearing a pair of women's panties. I hope he learns a lesson about doing as he's told. More later after he's had a good hard spanking.

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