Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well, That Didn't Last Long

My mom and dad had been gone less than an hour before I was furious with my husband for things he said to my parents (things that he KNOWS he's not supposed to tell them). So off we go, me dragging him by the hand, to the bedroom to get over my knees for a hard spanking on his bare seat. Back into panties he goes as additional punishment and then off to the corner to stand until I decide whether or not I'm done reddening that behind.

I stepped into the room while he was standing in the corner and took a photo as more punishment. You know, though, I haven't sent him the link for this website yet. I think I am saving it for a REALLY serious punishment later on when I say, as he's getting up off my lap rubbing his sore butt, "Go look at and see why you'd better straighten up in the future unless you want more of your spankings to go online!"

I made sure you can see the women's panties and that sore, red bottom too. He was still sobbing when I took the picture but maybe he needs the ice cube and the stick. I'll think about it.


Anonymous said...

Wowzers, J, was he really that bad? I hope you didn't have to use the stick on him and if you did, I hope you didn't do it too many times. He has gotten a lot the last few days. Maybe just do something else? Wash his mouth out with soap or the ice cube or the panties punishment instead of another spanking for now? --SH

Anonymous said...

Love the panties