Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just in Case

Just in case there is any doubt in his mind that I will do what I said I will, here is a spanking from a while ago. Bare bottom and the paddle followed.

He often cries about halfway through a spanking which is about the time that I yank his underpants down to really give him what he deserves. It's okay with me if he cries and begs like a little boy because that's why he's being spanked, to teach him to obey me. Over my knees is best because I can hold him still, but for the stick I have bent him over the kitchen table and over the edge of the bed. I have pictures of his well spanked bare butt that I will post later. You see that I will punish you this way now, right?


steve sorearse said...

he is so luky to get regular spankings especially over briefs first.H ow do I meet a wife like you?

steve mullady said...

My wife spanks me alwys underpants down, she will sack my bottom harder if they hve a yellow stain in the front near the y front opening.

steve mullady said...

I wank with my wifes smelly knickers on my head, I oove the yellow pee and fanny smell in her gusset.