Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Additional Discipline

I also punish him other ways in addition to spanking him (but spanking is the main thing). One that I use quite a bit is making him wear women's panties to get it. This is pretty effective at embarrassing him when I make him put them on. I have two different pairs he has to wear, one is a pair of my old white cotton Hanes Her Way panties and the other is a pair of pink rayon panties. I let him change in privacy because I will make him wear them all day long before or after the spanking, even to work. I tell him he is going to have to sit down to pee today.
When I spank him I always spank him on the panties first. While I'm hitting him with the hairbrush over my lap, I tell him he's a bad little girl which I know makes him embarrassed too. He was wearing the white pair the time that SH spanked him, and she told me she had asked him before she started if it embarrassed him. He said it did. One time I was spanking him while he was wearing my panties and he tried to resist. I grabbed his hand and told him that I would punish him with a tampon if he didn't behave. You know he behaved instantly after that.


Anonymous said...

I took away my husband R***'s underwear for three days after the last time I spanked him. Even I made him give me all his underwear from his dresser and I would check him every morning before work to be sure he didn't have any on under his jeans. If I catch him, he gets spanked on the backporch with a switch! --SH

Marcia said...

GO GIRL!!!!!

I whip my hubby's little ass every Friday night at 8:00 o'clock. No matter what. He stands in the corner at 7:30 til I call him. Then its the back of a hairbrush with underpants down at his ankles. I blister his ass till he knows whose boss!!!!!

Angry Wife said...

Hi, Marcia,

Well, I don't just spank him for the sake of spanking him. It really needs to be punishment for me or it's meaningless. He does enough stuff that I probably COULD spank him every Friday night but for now, just when he deserves it will be plenty to make my point.

marcia said...

You know what else works besides the underwear stuff is enemas. I dont do is so often cause it takes a while and is not safe to do too much. don't do it over your knees though. Make him bend over edge of bathtub to put the water in him. Then make him hold it until you say ok to use the toilet. then spanking afterwards.

Anonymous said...

My wife just started spanking me and I do have to admit that is more effective than I thought it would be. It took a while to get use to spanking hard but she has gotten over that part and doesn't hesitate to spank me very firmly if I've broken a rule such as cursing or being disrespectful. I think more wives should consider spanking and not be afraid to swat pretty hard otherwise it doesn't have the effect it should. Your man will ultimately love you more for it and it really will improve your relationship. Ladies give it a try. Try several times so you can really unerstand.

Anonymous said...

Panty punishment works!!!! Behavior changes--believe me. I was on vacation in the San Juan Islands with my wife and another couple years back. Us men were always messing around and quite a handfull for the ladies

One day my friend was really well behaved. At lunch, his wife embarrassed him by telling us he was pantied that day. The threat to show us kept him docile!!

Well, a day later I woke to my wife pantying me!! She
promised for 1 day only. I did it because she asked me
and had her nighty on and her long beautiful blonde hair
was falling all over my chest as she was talking sweet to me and nice and talking baby talk to me and smiling while she was slipping these full cut creamy soft heavy nylon elasticized panties on my legs and up to my bottom
Then, all day she would smile at me-- pat my rear and stick her fingers down my pants in the back and tug my panties a little. I was totally well behaved and the girls were so happy whenever we were pantied.

After 1 week of this 2 week vacation my friends wife told me while we were all shopping In a antique store " you know Mark, we are talking about starting to spank you boys when you're naughty--even if we haveti pull your pants down and spank you right on your panties in public"

I almost cried right there. We were so well "panty behaved" the whole trip after that.

I would greatly recommend it for all couples

Anonymous said...

Yes, panty punishment is a nasty, yet exciting, part of the fun!

Anonymous said...

My punishment outfit is lacy satin PJs with pretty panties underneath.

After my wife pulls my bottoms down she warms the seat of my panties until I am at the edge. Then just the tug on my wasteband and the cool air on my backside is enough to send me into blubbering sorrow even before the real punishment starts. When she makes me loose it this way any shread of mercy is now lost.

When she asks "Spanking?" I have 24 hours to ether say "no" or surrender myself. In three years I have never failed to clean myself up, put on my girly jammies and stand before her trembling and asking to suffer under her skilled hand.

Everytime I stand in the corner afterwards barely able to stand still from my burning behind I swear it will be "no" next time, but I am soon desperate for it again.

Anonymous said...

my wife hung up a paddle in the kitchen in full view. very embarrassing

Anonymous said...

I also discovered keeping my husband in panties all the time makes life easier. I do spank him regularly and make him stand in a corner with his panties on his thighs. However, while it is more work, enema punishment is more effective. He has to fill the enema bag and bring it to me. Then he gets on all fours for several enemas.

Last month he had to wear panties to the doctor. They weren't frilly but they were obviously panties. We use the same doctor and she always tells me to come with him. It was great watching him stand in panties in front of the doctor and her PA. He was so embarrassed and I was getting excited.