Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More of the Same

To answer SH's question, yes, that is screen capture from a low quality video I set up while I was spanking him. And yes, I have other screen captures, so here is another. I think the belt is better than the paddle because it has a much better effect on him. His mother used the belt on him and so he reacts more like a boy when I tell him to go get the belt for me. I used the paddle this time because I knew I was going to lecture him a lot and so I knew he would get spanked for a long time. I don't spank THAT long with the belt but with the paddle he could stay over my knees for almost 30 minutes of punishment. I start with my hand on his underpants and then move on to bare bottom with either my hand or something like the paddle or belt or stick or hairbrush. The belt is hard to use when he's bent over my knees, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Thanks J, I thought so. I have to say, he's pretty well behaved. The two times that I have been there when you spanked, he did exactly what you told him even when you told him I was going to spank him! It made me sad when he cried, though. Do you stop when he cries hard? --SH

Angry Wife said...

NO. I know it's hard to hear him cry but if he cries and I stop, then he will cry faster every time. I stop when I have reached the number of swats I had decided to give him or when I think his ass looks red enough.