Sunday, November 18, 2007

Telling Him

I have absolutely no problem telling my husband what's going to happen to him once I decide to spank him. Nothing about spanking him embarrasses me. I don't even hesitate if I think he deserves it. I have pulled his underpants down in front of friends of mine while dragging him over my knees. I have spanked him in public where total strangers could see and hear. I'm not embarrassed to see his exposed privates before he bends over my lap and I'm not even embarrassed to pull his buttcheeks apart to use the ice cube on him or to take his temperature as part of punishment. One time he peed his pants while I was spanking him but I didn't stop and wasn't embarrassed to feel it. But I am so hesitating to tell him that I am posting about his punishments. Maybe the next time he does something super bad, then I will feel that it is part of his punishment after I spank him. I almost spanked him today but then changed my mind because I didn't really think he deserved it. That would not have been the spanking to tell him about this blog, I don't think. Sooner or later I will tell him. But not yet.


spankyboy said...

Where can i find a wife like this?

Anonymous said...

My wife has only spanked me in private until last week. While visiting her sister I said something rude. I could see she was livid but I thought I was ok until we got home. To my complete surprise she went to her purse and produced the hair brush. When I protested and asked her please to wait until we were alone. She grabbed my ear and in front of her sister ordered me to take mynpants down. Then she blistered my behind and made me stand in the corner. Her sister seemed shocked at first, but then smoked at me and said she thought I got what I deserved and laughed. I was humiliated.

MATT need a mistress said...

I want to be ur kid