Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home but Tired

I'm home from Vegas. Too tired to spank him today, though he deserves it. You should see this house. I'll make sure he gets it sometime tonight so he goes to bed sore.

This is the photo of him after the spanking last week when I put the tampon in him for the day. I think the photo of him with his bottomcheeks spread to show it is too graphic so just the results of the spanking will have to do. You can see the cord at least. And you can see how red he is. Good spanking with the stick.

I will let you know if I spank him today or not. Haven't decided yet.

More later.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update before Leaving

The bullet-point summary of his punishments today...

*No pink panties before work today during inspection. "The Tampax tampons are in the bathroom. Go get me one and get ready to be severely punished." Jeans down, underpants down to bare his bottom, dragged begging over my lap, I pull those buttcheeks apart and into his little brown hole goes the tampon. No lubricant, just push it all the way up inside his butthole and then pull out the applicator. I feel his penis quickly get erect in the middle of my thighs and then he does it--he pees.

*I make him get me a towel, change his wet underpants, and bend over the edge of the bed to get his tampon punishment photographed. I make him pull his bottom cheeks apart so I can see the cord hanging out. He cries and cries because he knows what's coming next. Damn right that's what's coming next. I get the stick and blister his little bare seat. I make him hold his hands out to get spanked on the palms when he tries to cover his butt. I spank as hard as I can while he wails and I take a photo of that very red, very welted butt when I'm done. I say, "Get in those panties right now and you will wear that tampon until lunch, mister. Be at my office at noon."

*At 12:00, he's over my knees in my office, pants and panties down, my ruler reddening his butt again, and I pull that tampon out while he covers his mouth to keep from crying because it hurts so much. The tampon is swollen and I'm sure the inside of his bottom is very, very dry now.

Gotta go. Plane to catch. Photos when I get back.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pink Panties Punishment

He was wearing the pink panties as punishment this morning as I had told him to. I made him bend over the edge of the bed as part of punishment so I could take this picture.

This didn't mean though that he was getting out of the spanking I had promised him. So I sent him to get me the stick but he said he didn't know where it was. He said, "I think it's lost." I said, I will go get it myself, and if I do, you're getting extra swats.

Well, I'm sure you can guess, I found it right where I had left it, hanging in the closet, and so down came the little girl panties and I beat his behind with the stick for 30 swats while he was bent over the pillows.

He gets another panty inspection and spanking before work in the morning. If I tell him to fetch the belt or the hairbrush and he makes up an excuse that he can't find it, he gets a tampon punishment before the butt warming.

Then tomorrow he is to come to my office at lunchto receive a public spanking, as public as my office at work is with the door closed. I haven't decided yet bare bottom or not. I'll let you know before I leave town for business tomorrow night!

Cell phone

Okay it turns out that taking a picture with your cell phone is very, very difficult. Quality is bad so I've tried to enhance it a little but this still isn't so great. I'm amazed that it has a timer in it and everything but the quality is still so low. I have seen other cell phone photos that I thought were very good. I guess you get the idea though.

This has turned into a spanking week. I spanked him multiple times on Sunday and that was the last time he'll see his own underpants before I leave for my trip tomorrow night. He's to wear the same pair of my pink panties all week and I am doing inspections before he leaves for work in the morning. Of course he didn't know I was going to inspect him Monday morning. So after I sent him to bed with a red sore butt Sunday night in panties he obviously thought he could change for Monday. Well, I called him into the bedroom before he left Monday and told him to pull down his jeans so I could see if he was obeying me. No, he wasn't. So I send him to get the panties again and when he gets back, I take him in the bathroom and wash his mouth out with soap for lying. Then I tell him he's going to get a spanking each morning before work and that he's to come to my office Wednesday during lunch for a midday reminder with the ruler. Then I sit down on the toilet, drag him over my knees, bare that bottom, and spank him with my hand until my arm is sore. Afterwards, I make him change into the pink panties and tell him he'd better start behaving or he'll get a tampon punishment in addition to the spankings. I had told him Sunday while he was draped across my lap that I should spank him in front of his friends or make him ask one of his friends to spank him. You should have heard the crying. He'll start obeying me soon, I can tell.

Time to inspect him and give him his spanking before work. He's been standing in the corner waiting to get it for the last half hour.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday spanking(s)

I'm going on a business trip in the middle of the week and I can already see that it's going to be necessary before I go to leave a sore butt behind. All weekend I have been saying "we have too much housework this weekend and we need to get on it." So today he's running around trying to take care of all the things that he DIDN"T take care of YESTERDAY.

So I told him he's getting it and now he's trying to negotiate with me about how much he can get done before I get the hairbrush or the belt out and blister his little bare seat. I'm half tempted to take him out to the garage right now and get those pants and underpants down so he'll see that I mean business when I say we're doing housework. He hasn't had a spanking in quite a while so I might give him more than one today to make my point. To be honest I have been letting him get away with a lot without spanking him, just threatening about how hard he's going to get it when we get home or how I'm going to spank him bare bottom at the park where everybody could see or bla bla blah. I haven't been going to all the effort to actually punish him and now he's misbehaving a lot. So I think it's time some young man had a good cry and a red sore butt to remind him who's in charge here.

More later after I'm done giving him his whippings.