Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cell phone

Okay it turns out that taking a picture with your cell phone is very, very difficult. Quality is bad so I've tried to enhance it a little but this still isn't so great. I'm amazed that it has a timer in it and everything but the quality is still so low. I have seen other cell phone photos that I thought were very good. I guess you get the idea though.

This has turned into a spanking week. I spanked him multiple times on Sunday and that was the last time he'll see his own underpants before I leave for my trip tomorrow night. He's to wear the same pair of my pink panties all week and I am doing inspections before he leaves for work in the morning. Of course he didn't know I was going to inspect him Monday morning. So after I sent him to bed with a red sore butt Sunday night in panties he obviously thought he could change for Monday. Well, I called him into the bedroom before he left Monday and told him to pull down his jeans so I could see if he was obeying me. No, he wasn't. So I send him to get the panties again and when he gets back, I take him in the bathroom and wash his mouth out with soap for lying. Then I tell him he's going to get a spanking each morning before work and that he's to come to my office Wednesday during lunch for a midday reminder with the ruler. Then I sit down on the toilet, drag him over my knees, bare that bottom, and spank him with my hand until my arm is sore. Afterwards, I make him change into the pink panties and tell him he'd better start behaving or he'll get a tampon punishment in addition to the spankings. I had told him Sunday while he was draped across my lap that I should spank him in front of his friends or make him ask one of his friends to spank him. You should have heard the crying. He'll start obeying me soon, I can tell.

Time to inspect him and give him his spanking before work. He's been standing in the corner waiting to get it for the last half hour.

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Anonymous said...

I gave R--- a punishment by taking his temperature this weekend and he bawled while I put it in his bottomhole even though I don't think it hurt. I think doing your tampon punishment and then the ice cube will really punish him effective. If you do, I'd really like to see a photo, J! --SH