Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday spanking(s)

I'm going on a business trip in the middle of the week and I can already see that it's going to be necessary before I go to leave a sore butt behind. All weekend I have been saying "we have too much housework this weekend and we need to get on it." So today he's running around trying to take care of all the things that he DIDN"T take care of YESTERDAY.

So I told him he's getting it and now he's trying to negotiate with me about how much he can get done before I get the hairbrush or the belt out and blister his little bare seat. I'm half tempted to take him out to the garage right now and get those pants and underpants down so he'll see that I mean business when I say we're doing housework. He hasn't had a spanking in quite a while so I might give him more than one today to make my point. To be honest I have been letting him get away with a lot without spanking him, just threatening about how hard he's going to get it when we get home or how I'm going to spank him bare bottom at the park where everybody could see or bla bla blah. I haven't been going to all the effort to actually punish him and now he's misbehaving a lot. So I think it's time some young man had a good cry and a red sore butt to remind him who's in charge here.

More later after I'm done giving him his whippings.

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Anonymous said...

Thought your post was great today because it was Spanking Sunday at my house too. Son (age 14) and daughter (age 16) both got theirs from me right after church one right after another pants down, dress up, underpants down, over my knees with the wood paddle in front of each other. Husband gets it over my knees before bed tonight. I am pretty tired from the first two spankings but one to go! Good that your posting again!