Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update before Leaving

The bullet-point summary of his punishments today...

*No pink panties before work today during inspection. "The Tampax tampons are in the bathroom. Go get me one and get ready to be severely punished." Jeans down, underpants down to bare his bottom, dragged begging over my lap, I pull those buttcheeks apart and into his little brown hole goes the tampon. No lubricant, just push it all the way up inside his butthole and then pull out the applicator. I feel his penis quickly get erect in the middle of my thighs and then he does it--he pees.

*I make him get me a towel, change his wet underpants, and bend over the edge of the bed to get his tampon punishment photographed. I make him pull his bottom cheeks apart so I can see the cord hanging out. He cries and cries because he knows what's coming next. Damn right that's what's coming next. I get the stick and blister his little bare seat. I make him hold his hands out to get spanked on the palms when he tries to cover his butt. I spank as hard as I can while he wails and I take a photo of that very red, very welted butt when I'm done. I say, "Get in those panties right now and you will wear that tampon until lunch, mister. Be at my office at noon."

*At 12:00, he's over my knees in my office, pants and panties down, my ruler reddening his butt again, and I pull that tampon out while he covers his mouth to keep from crying because it hurts so much. The tampon is swollen and I'm sure the inside of his bottom is very, very dry now.

Gotta go. Plane to catch. Photos when I get back.


stripey7 said...

Sorry to spoil your fantasy, but it's actually not safe to insert tampons anally without lubrication, if at all.

Anonymous said...

I would then make him wear your panties and a bra and a nice soft slip. I would demand that he relieves himself while you watch and then put him to bed in a silky nightgown - and finish it with a tampon to ensue he is a good sissy!

binkeyboy said...

you could make a nice spanking you should get a pink plastic pant. Then before you should wet his butt cheaks and all over his panty. then you put him in plastic panty, and march him into the corner and push his head into the wall. Have him stand and listen the crying and wait a bit..Then you get a nice paddle and lay 50 spanks onhis butt. You can leave the panty on..As you spank it makes a loud noise and bills up