Monday, January 21, 2008


I realized last night as I was whipping Mike's butt for not finishing a project that I told him to that I spank him quite a bit. Mostly out of habit. We're at dinner and I ask him about the book drive he's supposed to be doing. He hasn't answered the email about it yet and its going to happen the next day.

"You're getting a spanking when we get home," I hear myself say.

"But I'll do it," he says.

"You bet you will," I say, out of habit a second time. "Right after you're done over my lap."

"Please don't spank me again," he says. Almost whsipering because we're in a restaurant. "I'm still sore from getting spanked twice Sunday."

I put my purse on the table. "My hairbrush is in here. Do you want to go with me to the restroom and get your pants down right now?"

He's quiet all the way home and I know he's wondering how severe it will be. I am wondering, too. I've already forgotten what he did but I am thinking about how to punish him. In the restaurant I was thinking a couple of swats across the seat of his underpants while he was facing the wall. Then I was thinking bare butt over my knees with the brush. Then on the way home I decide something more severe even though what he did isn't so bad.

When we come in the door, I say, "Go get me the stick and then put a folding chair on the deck. The cold air on your bare butt over my knees will make it hurt more."

He starts to argue. I say, "You know what then? Go get me the spanking panties. NOW."

He brings them. I take him and the panties in the kitchen and soak the panties in cold water.

"Now put them on and put that chair outside," I tell him. "The stick on cold, wet panties ought to teach you to..."

I realize that I don't know what it is I want him to do.

I make him put the panties on anyway, and he starts to sob while he changes there in the kitchen. He starts to put his jeans back on, but I tell him to leave them off and go get the chair. The wet panties stick to his bottom as he does as I tell him. I go get the stick out of the closet and put my coat back on. Then we go out on the deck in the dark.

I don't need to turn on the porchlight because I can see well enough with the moon. But it's freezing cold, so I hurry. I sit down and make him bend over my lap. I begin to spank him immediately.

The stick on the seat of the cold, wet panties makes a very dull sound and I can tell it hurts a lot--he starts to cry almost immediately. I continue to whip him as hard as I can, and he begins to beg. But he always begs. So I keep spanking him and it isn't long before my knuckles are freezing cold holding the stick so tightly and I think he's had enough. I tell him to get up and go inside but he has to wear the panties to bed, even if they're wet. Too bad, you're being punished, I tell him. If you disobey me, you get the belt next.

When we are back inside, I can see his bottom through the wet panties. I have spanked him so hard that he's blistered. There are long red marks across the backs of his thighs where I punished him and the panties are sticking to him so I can see that I smacked him many times. No wonder he is crying so hard.

I feel horrible.

This is not a good habit, just spanking him for any reason.

I need to think about how often and why I bend him over. He will obey for any spanking, so I need to use them more wisely.

I tell him he can change underpants, and as he does, I see how red and sore he is. I promise myself no more just for any random reason.

Then tonight, I caught myself taking him into the bathroom to spank him. I sat down on the toilet, made him come over to me, undid his jeans and pulled them down to his knees, yanked his underpants down, picked up the brush, and told him to bend over my knee to get punished. He was obedient, like always. He even said, "Yes, ma'am," when I said he deserved a butt blistering. He bent over, and I put my leg over his legs to hold him in place while I beat him.

Then I saw his red bottom from the last night. The marks were still there very easy to see. He put his head down and waited for me to start.

I let him up and told him it was only cornertime. He pulled his underpants up and went to obey me.

I have to get control of this habit of just spanking because I'm annoyed with him.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the idea of wet, cold panties on, getting spanked outside..sounds great here! I'm sure the pain was a bit much... but(t) he recovered, right?! :)