Sunday, January 20, 2008


That stands for "over my knees," if you were wondering.

So, somebody is standing in the corner right now with his hands on top of his head and his underpants at his ankles waiting for me to give him a second session with the belt. Once again, he just can't keep his mouth shut around my parents. So, as soon as they left this afternoon, I dragged him over my knees to blister his bare butt. Since he knows about the blog now I told him part of his punishment was I wanted to see what he sees when he's bent over to get it so I made him take pictures after he was bent over. I tried to take them myself but you can see how that turned out (second photo)! I believe I could put a movie up here so I might be doing that in future but for now, this is what he sees when he's over my knees with his underpants all the way down which is how they need to be so he can get the ice cube on his butthole before I start hitting him. His butt his shiny red now and my arm is sore but we're not done yet.

He was very embarrassed to take the picture but he's always very obedient when I spank him so he did what I told him to do. I feel a little bad that he still has the belt to come since I think I spanked him pretty well with the hairbrush already but I told him he was getting more, so it's too late to change my mind now. In 14 minutes, he's bending back over my knees. That's the way it goes.

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