Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making Him Wait

As much as I want to be more patient, I just find myself reaching for the belt or the stick all the time. Today I was angry about the dishwasher so as soon as he comes home I am frustrated with him over something else he's done. I tell him to go bend over the piano bench in the living room with his jeans and his underpants down while I get the stick.

Of course he does what I tell him to do. I come in and see him waiting about ten minutes later. He has been there so long that I think maybe he is falling asleep. I have the stick in my hand but I go back and get the camera. I take a picture and then I go swat him once. I stand over him and spank him very hard one time.

I ask him if he will obey me about getting the garbage out. He says yes. I smack him again. I say you better. Then I let him get up and pull his pants up.

I can be less severe I know. I want him to obey me and when he does I can start to be less angry. I need him to be meek and obedient and ready to accept a punishment and then I don't feel like I have to punish him as much. Pulling his pants down and making him bend over to get it makes me feel better actually. When he is lying there waiting for me to start is when I feel the most calm and so maybe it is not necessary to always beat him so severely once I have made him bare his bottom.

If you are reading this, it doesn't mean you won't get punished. It just means I know I don't have to be so strict and so severe all the time. If you obey me when I tell you to, I will not need to punish you as often.

The picture is part of your punishment anyway.


Anonymous said...

Once when my former wife spanked me with a paddle she gave me a choice: do you want it now or do you want it in the morning? The obvious reply I should have made is "are the number of spanks the same in both cases?" I think that a spanking delayed need not be as long and blistered as a spanking accepted immediately. I think the waiting is punishment in itself.

Anonymous said...

Fond memories of being spanked by F. (my wife) in the very same position -and in keeping with the rhythm of an old Provencal 'farandole' that went on and on... until my backside was thoroughly blistered!

Anonymous said...

"Waiting to be spanked/whipped/caned" is something that I am quite familiar with -and there are two main scenarios
1. She orders me to lower my pants (or to strip entirely) and has me stand in the corner, bare-bottomed, "to reflect on [my] misdemeanors" until she is ready to proceed with the instrument(s) of her choice.
2. When I have committed a breach of her house rules that she has not yet had a chance to discover (as I work from home, I am expected to perform a number of household chores) I often -in anticipation- prepare for what I know I have coming, and wait (trousers down and bottomside up on the bed) to come home and apply some or all the "tools" she likes to use to deliver what I deserve...
In either case, my anxiety runs high -and the ensuing 'session' never falls short of what I feared!
ps: More often than not, after these 'sessions' -and after thanking her-, I am consigned (still bare-bottomed, of course) to a spell of 'corner time', sniffling up my tears and feeling the burning soreness of my backside!

Anonymous said...

Earlier tonight I was subjected to an unexpected version of "making him wait" (following scenario #1 -except that this time, she had me wait for D. (one of her very closest friends) to arrive -and to watch my wife deliver a spectacular flogging (first with a maple switch, then with her martinet and finally with a leather strap)...
As much as I tried, I couldn't help howling while she went at it -and (under her fiend's amazed eyes) I ended up thanking her, and kissing her hand before being (as usual) consigned to the corner...