Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The stick

I haven't had to punish him in the last week or so, and that's probably good because it means two things, one that he is obeying me more and two, the next time I spank him, it will make an impression. In looking back through my photos, I guess I favor the stick. Both times I set up the camera and told him the photos were to reinforce the punishment. I don't think he has ever seen them, but now that he knows about this blog, he might come across them. This is the first one and I'll post the other one another time. The stick makes him cry faster than the belt so I save it for when I want to really blister his seat. When I took this picture I had the stick in one hand and the camera in the other and he was bent over the pillows on the bed. I think he was on stroke 10 or so. He was already crying but I was far from done whipping his bottom. I gave him a spanking by hand in the bathroom after this and then the ice cube while he was over my knees. I prefer him over my knees actuallay because I can control him better but over the pillows I can use the stick or the belt much better.


Anonymous said...

How did he respond to seeing his spankings on this blog? I bet that's why he's behaving so that he doesn't have so many other people witnessing his spankings! Whenever you have spanked him in front of me he seems to cry as much with shame as the hurt, right?--SH

Angry Wife said...

I could tell he was embarrassed to see his bare butt on this blog but I told him it's part of his punishment so too bad. He cries in front of you because he knows he's going to cry from the spanking and that you'll see his bare butt then too when he's over my knees or even over YOUR knees.