Sunday, December 30, 2007

All Day Spanking

Well, I ended up spanking him again over the back of the couch last night with the stick, and while I was spanking him, I stopped, took this photo, and told him that I was keeping a blog of his punishments. He knows now but I didn't give him much time to think about it. Today he was spanked every hour on the hour beginning with a wake-up spanking over the pillows on the bed. I told him it didn't matter where we were so one of his spankings was at the Home Depot in the women's restroom. I put my foot up on the toilet, over my knee he went with his pants down, and his bottom got my hairbrush. No one came in so he was lucky in that way but not so lucky the rest of the day. My arm is sore from spanking him all day long. Not as sore as his butt though. He bawled tonight when I spanked him with the bathbrush and then made him sit with his butthole on an ice cube for two minutes. Then it was into pink panties (no pajama bottoms) and into bed. His butt was pretty blistered when I finally finished with his day of spanking, so maybe no spanking tomorrow if he's learned his lesson. We'll see in the morning. If he doesn't seem to have learned, I'm going to ask SH to come by and help me administer something more severe.


Anonymous said...

you can bring him over to my house if you want, J. My hubby is due too so we could make them line up and watch each other get the cane. I bet that would straighten yours out! --SH

Angry Wife said...

I was thinking about an enema punishment. Do you want to come over and help me administer it? Call me. I don't have your cell.

Anonymous said...

Being spanked every hour on the hour is a recurring fantasy of mine. It seems like an almost perfect day. I agree it is a lot of work for Mistress though. perhaps hubby can self-spank himself each time with a set number of swats then Mistress can provide the finishing spanks. If she suspects an inadequate self spanking Mistress can add strokes or use a nastier implement. For a quiet spanking while on an outing I suggest a bent metal coathanger. It is virtually silent and it is not as daunting as it sounds. It wont do real damage and a flick of the wrist is all that is needed. Excellent for inner thighs.

I've said to much but i spend a lot of time thinking about these things.