Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pre-bedtime spankings

He has just been sent to bed at 9:00. We went from over my knees in the spare bedroom with the belt to over the back of the couch with the stick. His behind was pretty red when I was done, so I think he's had enough for tonight.

I have given quite a few spankings lately. My god-daughter's mother was so excited to hear that I believe in spanking so when my god-daughter was here, her mother encouraged me to let her have it. A 15 year old is not so excited you can imagine but she ended up getting her behind spanked pretty good by the time I was done. She wasn't very obedient at first and wouldn't take her jeans down or bend over my knees.

My husband is still getting his Wednesday and Saturday spankings on schedule. SH asked me if I enjoy spanking him. I don't know if that's the right word. I feel like it's necessary and I guess I get some pleasure out of seeing him be obedient and bend over my knees so embarrassed to be punished. When I pull his underpants down and start spanking his bare butt I feel like I'm giving him what he deserves. SH also asked me how I feel when my parents come to visit and I end up getting spanked by them. I guess I feel I deserve it most of the time.

I guess I think that spanking is a good answer to punishment instead of fighting or yelling. I don't yell when I spank even when I am being extremely strict. I might hit him harder but I don't yell. When I spanked my god-daughter, I ended up spanking pretty hard too and it was very different to spank a teenage girl over my lap with her bottom bared than it is to spank my husband. More about this later. I am going to go check and make sure the light is out. If he's reading instead of in bed with the light out, I will REALLY blister his behind until he can't sit down.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the FINE work! My next wife is taking notes!

katies boy said...

I found your blog by accident.
In the U.K. a spanking is usually over the knee and relatively mild. The stick is normally a caning, or more severely a thrashing. In my case, I am always punished on my bare bottom with one of Katies canes. 99% of my punishments I am required to undress completely! Enough of me. Looking at your films, I wondered if you ever used a slightly longer cane, and also do you ever use any slightly thicker ones. Katie has 3, all 32 inches long, ranging from 1/4 inch in diameter to 7/16ths. They are all quite flexible. It looks like you use one that is maybe 24 inches long and 1/4 inch diameter. This is fine for over the knee but you seem pretty strict. I know to my cost that Katies "special" as she calls it leaves a lasting impression. It is not used very often thank God, but when it is, I can honestly say I am thrashed in the true sence of the word. I hope this is not to long and boring. J.

Anonymous said...

Hi, When I went to univerity i die not expect to be still spanked and caned by my Mum even at 20 yearsold! She still took me upstairs to my bedroom and I ahd to stand by her as she undressed me removin my trousers and my underpants! I blushed deply as my penis came into view before I managed to cover myself! Shewas not a bit embarrassed as she regarded it as part of my punishment, but I was! thenhad to stand facing my dresssing table whilst she selected a cane from my wardrobe or unhooked one if was hanging on the wardrobe! It was not unual for one of my Aunties and/or one of her close friends to be present whilst this was being done as it it was quite alarge room! It was so embarrassing standing there waiting for the caning whilst they chatted about my behaviour which led to my caning! Then I had my shirt pinned up front revealing my still erect, and back before being bent over cahir or made to lie face down on the bed my hips being raised up with cushioons! The cane was soon swishing down in painful strokes on my buttocks and my thighs, she liked to cane where buttocks joined my thigh -extra painful! Afterabout 16/18 srokes she stopped and gave me corner time with more slaps for rubbing my really sore ,red stipped flesh! Sometimes I wol;d get the martinet whose thin strips went everywhere inclding into my bottom cleft and reached down to my anus! he would examie my cleft and sometimes use ointment to sothe the sides and even near my anus.M.

Anonymous said...

I was in school when I became 18 ! My Mum informd me that I cwuld now be caned and that would be added to detention as a amain punishment for breaking their Rules!I wsa very worried about being caned !I over did celebrations of my birthday and I was told by Mum I would be caned next day!!I argued and pleaded with her,but it was to no avail!After dinner next day she sent me to put my pyjamas on and when I went back to her study she promptly removed my trousers leaving my erect penis and balls exposed! I have a very well rounded bottom which she had not seen bare for years and she smiled as she saw it all,slapping my hand away from covering my front! She made me bend down over chairanmd I felt the first cne stroke cut across my buttocks!I cried out loudlyas the pain flashed through both my buttocks! The next cut was as bad and so it continued for 12 painful stokes which I am ashamed to say left me tears! Then it was corner time with several hard slaps for rubbing my bum! THe caing continued for 4 years bsfore my girlfriend and Ii rented a flat annnd she took over caning my bum ! Len

Anonymous said...

You certainly gave him a sound caning as we could see when you took his pants off to bare his buttocks, for more and it was good you were using somewhat longer cane!It is always difficult too judge if the canee has been given enoug strokes and I felt another six, given bending down, could have been given When you punished that naughty tenage girl-I could not believe she refused to take her knickers down for her bare bottom spanking! I hope you gave her a caning for that insolence! G.