Sunday, February 10, 2008

Out of Action... for a While

Hi, sorry. I didn't intend to disappear for so long. My husband was out of town for a while and I have been very busy with some other things (politics, knitting, a new couch, etc.) as well. But yes, he's been spanked a few times recently. Nothing big, though. He has been pretty well behaved most of the time so I haven't had to be very strict.

Yesterday afternoon, though, he needed his behind warmed with the paddle, so I made him lay down on the table to get it instead of over my knees because it's easier to take a picture than setting up the tripod and the timer.
I'm pretty tired lately but I'll try to post some updates soon. I have some other stories to tell about his spankings later on.


Anonymous said...

When you coming back? Been waiting to hear more about your husband getting spanked. You stop spanking him? He seems to deserve it a lot. Hope you didn't stop. Spanking is good for my husband too.

Angry Wife said...

Sorry for my absence. I got in some trouble with my parents about keeping a blog and so I got my own spanking. But I have decided to keep going even if they spank me again. If I get spanked because they find out, my husband will get spanked for telling them, and I think I know whose butt will be a LOT redder!

Anonymous said...

je trouve qui es pas assez puni et le martinet et au coin