Sunday, December 14, 2008

Disneyland spanking

We are leaving for Disneyland in a few hours, and in all the Christmas activity (we went to see the Nutcracker last night), I did not administer his Saturday night spanking. I intended to. In the car on the way home, I had him lower his pants so when we pulled in to the garage, I could make him bend over the back of the seat and use my hand on the seat of his underpants. So all the way home, he sat with his pants at his ankles, his underpants showing, knowing he was going to get it soon. But when we got home, I was too tired, so I let him pull them up and told him we'd do it today.

Now it's time to leave for Disneyland, and he still hasn't had his bottom beaten. He's not getting out of it, though. I didn't have the bravery to spank him in Disney World in August but this time, I will make sure he gets a session over my knees in the park. I will wait to bare him back in the room but he will get a good hand spanking on his pants, maybe even on his underpants, in the park itself.

The picture is from Pinnochio. Clearly Walt Disney thought a sore bottom wasn't a bad thing either!


Anonymous said...

I only just discovered your blog and I must say it's terrific.
I was also a spanked husband and frequently found myself over my wife's knee for
various infractions. She used her hand, hairbrush (most often), riding crop and
a very nasty leather paddle reinforced with a strip of flexible metal inside.
Cornertime and punishment panties also figured prominently.
Despite sometimes rather severe spankings, I only came close to tears once. I
suppose it says more about my inability to let go than her ability to really lay
it on.
I was never spanked in front of, or by, anyone else but was occasionally
threatened in public. The embarrassment alone was usually enough to make me toe
the line.
I look forward to reading future installments of your blog and especially seeing
the pictures and videos. Your husband can be assured that his punishments do
have an audience.

Angry Wife said...

An older comment once suggested to me that a metal coat hanger would be good for applying to my husband's behind, and this idea of a paddle with a strip of flexible metal inside sounds like it might leave him howling during punishment too. And as for being spanked in front of others, I think my husband stops noticing there's anyone there once the spanking starts to hurt. He's much more embarrassed if SH or my mom has him over their knees, I think.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think using a coat hanger would be abusive. The thin metal would almost surely cut the flesh and cause serious tissue damage.
The paddle I mentioned is shaped somewhat like a paint stirrer, about 1.5 times larger. It was purchased in a fetish shop catering to BDSM practitionors. Standing in the store while she discussed the merits of various paddles with the saleswoman was an experience in itself.

Fox said...

Next time you are at Disney World, you might try the Conservation Station; there are small rooms with "in use" lights for use with interactive exhibits. I believe they are soundproof (leastwise, no one objected); of course, they do not lock, so there is an element of chance there....