Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spanking at a Friend's House

Let me tell you what a weekend my husband has had or maybe more precisely what a weekend my husband's behind has had.

Saturday afternoon was the first time I needed to spank him, for leaving the garage door open overnight Friday. Guess whose car got burglarized? So guess whose bottom got beaten? I took him out in the garage and put him over my knees to get the stick. I didn't make him pull down his underpants though because the garage door was open and I didn't actually want the neighbors to see his bare bottom. His underpants was enough for them to see.

This was risky though because my parents were here, and I probably should have waited to spank him after they left. My parents have discovered the "joys" of spanking, I can tell, because sure enough they know I'm beating him. (I did it in the garage so they wouldn't see or hear but my mom heard anyway.) I've already had some very intense exchanges with them over this anyway, so you can imagine how badly it went. They completely agreed that he deserved some kind of punishment for the garage door and so what happened? My dad put each of us over the back of the couch with our pants down (me with my skirt up) to get his belt on our underpants and then my mom put each of us over her knees with our underpants/panties down to get the hairbrush. My dad really knows how to use his belt to get his point across and being bared over my mom's lap was pretty embarrassing.

Today I took him to SH's house, which was an unpleasant surprise for him. Because of other things he's been doing lately I had planned to spank him in front of SH while she took pictures for this blog. He was extremely embarrassed when he found out what was going to happen but I made him get over my knees anyway. SH gave me the ruler she uses sometimes on her hubby and then she took a good collection of photos that I plan to use on this blog for a while. He got the ruler and my hand on his underpants and on his bare behind. He got a spanking from SH, which I witnessed. And I got pix to share here.

He's in the corner now while I consider whether or not I'm done punishing him for the day. I think he needs a spanking each day before work to remind him to close the door on his way out. I'm open to suggestions about how to discipline him. I'm extremely upset about the garage thing but frankly I've thought he needed a good spanking for a while now, so it was good to vent some frustration on his behind.


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Not that you got spanked of course (your parents baring your butt for it must be bad!) but that you really let him have it for what he did! I also have to say he has a pretty cute butt! I know why you must be so eager to get him bared over your knees! Keep up the good work! --Abigail

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Anonymous said...

He's so well behaved, J. When he went over my lap to get the belt from me, he didn't argue or try to cover up while I was whapping him or anything. Hand spankings should be enough this week (bare of course or at least in panties). I bet he's learned his lesson. --SH

Anonymous said...

i must say that Your husband is one incredibly lucky guy (even if he might not feel that way or admit it). To get the regular spankings he deserves from You, and THEN to ALSO get spanked by a Lady friend who is equally adamant about spanking well means he is all the more kept in line well. i think he deserved a SERIOUS spanking for the garage-door thing, but not sure why You would deserve such a spanking from Your parents. It must have been a sight to see both of You get it together! Too bad no photos of both bottoms bared and getting the belt. Sounds like Mom & Dad are "warming" up to the idea of being a part of the disciplinary process for him as well as You! my best to You, jackbrat

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law unexpectedly walked in on me buck naked over my wife's knee getting a spanking. markiee 8/2012

Chris Githens said...

Why did you spank with your white flip flops on your lovely feet?