Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Minutes

videoTwo minutes is not enough time to make him cry from a spanking, especially when he knows I'm recording it as part of his punishment this week. So when the recording time ran out on the digital camera I was far from done beating his behind and he had hardly made a sound, mostly because he was ashamed that I was videoing it. Still, you get the idea. By the time I was finished punishing him his butt was even redder than here. He squirms a lot when I swat him hard enough.

I didn't plan to punish him at all tonight since I skipped it last night because I gave him an alternative to getting a whipping every day this week, but he decided he was too embarrassed to do it. I told him if he got a spanking from someone else, even a mild spanking, he could be excused from the rest of the spankings I intended to give him. But he was too embarrassed to ask anyone so now its back over my knees he goes.

I told him he has a week to change his attitude but until then, I will give him a spanking each day because of leaving the garage door open and having someone break into my car. I bet he learns his lesson by the time THIS week is done. I would feel sorry for him, but he earned this and he knows he deserves it. That's why he is very obedient to go over my knees even when he knows he's getting the paddle good and hard. Like tonight.

Okay, time to let him out of the corner and get to bed. I bet even a swat from my hand to tell him he can pull up his underpants will make his bottom hurt now.


Anonymous said...

Wow! A little movie of one of his spankings! Good job paddling that little seat! Did he cry by the time you were done? What do you use to spank him that makes him cry fastest? --Abigail

Anonymous said...

I bet his fanny hurt for a long time after you concluded this spanking. I loved the sound of the paddle being applied to his rear end.

Anonymous said...

It seems that you have been getting better at spanking your hubby since this was first posted, but the sight of your paddle rekindled fond memories -including one Saturday morning when my wife came down to the kitchen and found me bending over the counter to fix our breakfast. She deftly picked up a wooden spatula, pulled down my pajama pants -and, well, you guess what happened! As I wiggled, she commented that it was fun to see me do "the ass dance" for her... and it definitely left an impression!

Anonymous said...

One thing i'm already appreciating more and more about Your blog is how it is growing in content: first black/white pics, then color, and now video! i wonder if You'll be able to start the camera further into a spanking so that we can hear when he starts to cry and then hear it build up as he continues to get spanked. i also wanted to comment on that paddle! It looks very much like a one of the pair of butter paddles i found in a collectibles shop one time. Made of VERY hard, dense wood, each has a smooth side and a side that has deep ridges. i can tell You from experience that both hurt like hell, especially when swung hard, but the side with the ridges is stunningly excruciating. i guess the separation between each ridge makes it apply more pressure to smaller areas or something. But it is by far the most punitive implement i've had spank me, and while being spanked i've cursed myself for finding the set and buying it. Certainly can be a good implement for when the Domme's arm is tired, because it doesn't have to be swung hard to make the naughty boy squirm and howl! my best to You, jackbrat

Anonymous said...

I think you should cut him a little slack when whatever he does is an honest mistake. Still spank him but hug him or something after. And knowing you love him is another incentive for him to behave for you