Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Two days a week he will now be getting his bottom spanked until further notice.

Tonight will be the third spanking he has received "on schedule" as I am thinking of it. Last Wednesday I told him that it was unacceptable that he had disobeyed me about getting someone else to spank him as punishment, and so now he will receive two a week until he does so. Then I made him drop his jeans and underpants and bend over the edge of the table to get the belt across his bare behind. He didn't cry, though I gave him a good 50 swats and made sure he went to bed with a red sore butt.

Saturday last weekend, I put him over my knees for almost half an hour, spanking and lecturing about how this is going to go on until he starts obeying me. I was bringing my hand down pretty hard on his butt in the end. I made him stand up and pull down his underpants at one point, and I made him stand there with his privates showing while I lectured him because I knew he was embarrassed. Finally I put him back over my lap and went back to reddening that bottom. My hand got so sore from spanking him that I am sure his butt was still sore the next morning.

Tonight when my show is over at 10:00, he will go over my knees again to get the stick this time. The last two times he hasn't cried so I'm not going to give him a warmup spanking--he's just going to bend over and get it good and hard on his underpants, then I'm going to pull his underpants down and blister his bare butt until I see tears. I'm sitting here with my laptop and he's downstairs thinking about what's going to happen to him in about half an hour. If he is on his computer and logs on he'll see this and know what he's in for. You'd better start obeying me, mister, or you're going to spend a lot more nights waiting to get dragged over my knees for a childish whipping, do you understand? Take a look at that picture from SH's when I was pulling your underpants down to bare you in front of her. That's what you'll get this weekend if you don't do as your told.

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