Sunday, March 30, 2008

Okay, Okay, Yes, I Get Spanked Too

I've cropped it, of course, but since this photo is directly connected to this blog because this is me getting my ass reddened by my dad for having this blog in the first place. I suppose if my mother ever sees this page, at least she'll see that I'm fair about what I post since I put the picture see took to teach me a lesson.

Okay, SH, there it is! You can stop emailing me asking to see it now.

I spanked my husband this morning and I'll post about it later tonight. I'm at my parents house for a visit for a few days so his behind will get a rest from getting hit for a while.


Anonymous said...

i just recently discovered Your blog and am enjoying it immensely! i was VERY intrigued to first read and then see that YOU are still spanked, too, by Your parents. i think every Dominant should have a Dominant, since in some way we all still have to have somebody to answer to. And a good spanking is a good way to get the slate clean AND feel good that somebody cares enough to take care of that for us. i very much appreciate You posting Your bottom being spanked for us to see as well as the many posted of Your husband's bottom. i'm curious if Your parents continue to spank You for posting to Your blog, but i'll find out, perhaps, as i keep reading! Would You say there's any type of regularity of them spanking You, or are they few and far between? Best always, jackbrat

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your site while searching stories about spanking, I am engaged to a wonderful woman, recently a neighbor brought her 10 year old son home after catching him throwing rocks at passing cars. As soon as the neighbor left she dragged her son into the living room and without further talk pulled his pants down and put him over her knee spanking him until he was screaming for mercy. when she let him up she stood him in the corner warning him not to move, I was shocked. When i tried to ask questions she told me to be quiet. When her son went to bed I asked why she treated him that way and she told me he got what he deserved and if i wasnt careful i was next! When i responded that she must be kidding she said just try her. I havent yet,