Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kitchen Spanking

I think my husband has given up his attempts at silence when I blister his bottom as you will definitely hear this time. I had a lot of reasons to spank him since he was on a business trip for his Wednesday spanking, he was due for his Saturday maintenance spanking, and he didn't get the dishes done as he knew he was supposed to for the third night in a row ever since he got back. So I sent him to get the stick, the bathbrush, and the belt while I put a chair in the kitchen and set up the camera.

Since I only have about two minutes when I beat him on camera, I made sure it counted and that he knew exactly what he was to do in order to not get it worse off camera. I told him it was 20 strokes of each unless he didn't obey my instructions, in which case he'd get 30 more as a separate spanking afterwards.

When I was finished using the belt, I had him do the dishes by hand instead of loading the dishwasher, and I took a picture of him standing at the sink with his behind good and red.
I've gotten good ideas from comments for next Wednesday's maintenance spanking but we'll have to see what happens. Unfortunately, my parents are coming later today, and my mom has been suggesting since Christmas that we both could use a session over their knees for a minor thing that happened at church. Here's the biggest problem in believing in spanking as a means of punishment: you have to accept it when someone in authority over YOU decides you need it too. It makes my stomach knot to think I might be bending over my mom or dad's lap with my underpanties down to get a beating with the belt.

I bet it's that same knot my husband felt when I took him into the kitchen a little while ago.


Angry Wife said...

Hi everyone,

First, to NaughtyDen, I don't bother wasting what little video time I have scolding him. I figure his humiliation is coming from the spanking. As for you giving him that spanking he has coming from someone else, it would be fine with me. I would need a photo or video of his spanking as proof that he got his punishment. Baring his bottom is up to you--when my dad put the belt to him last summer, he only did it on my husband's underpants, and not over the knees but bent over the back of the couch. Your wife is welcome to spank him as well, maybe as a lesson to you of what to expect when you disobey her. Other stuff like making him wear underpanties, using the ice cube on his bottomhole, or cornertime is also up to you. I would want to know up front what the punishment would entail before you do it to him.

Of course, as soon as he gets that spanking from someone else, his maintenance spankings are done. We go back to punishment spankings only.

I have considered a webcam spanking before but have some concerns about my overall privacy. I mean, there's a reason I keep our faces off the site. His blazing red butt is okay, but not our faces...

To Dan, I haven't ever really needed to lock his legs down, even when giving him a really hard spanking. He kicks a LOT but I usually just wait for him to settle down before starting again. Do you feel worse when your legs are locked, knowing you are even more helpless once your spanking begins?

To SH (who emailed me privately), I got the underpanties you sent, but I think they are way too small for him. I can send you a picture of him wearing them the next time I punish him if you want to see.

And to anonymous, I like the idea of giving him a spanking while I make him wear my underpanties for a video. Great idea!

I am going to make my husband sit down after my parents leave and read the comments on the blog for the last few weeks. If there's anything any of you want to say to him about his punishments, this is a good time. He WILL be embarrassed to read your words by Sunday afternoon. I will let you know how he reacts.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Dan.

First, to answer your question, I DO feel more helpless when my legs are locked. Rebecca doesn't always lock my legs, but she does when I'm getting an especially hard spanking, or when she REALLY wants me to THINK about what I've done. For example, today I forgot to pick her and a friend up to take them into town as agreed. She locked my legs while spanking me and lecturing me about the importance of WRITING DOWN appointments. She also lectured me while kneeling in front of her and repeatedly slapped my face. The combination of all of this did get me to cry, and be TRULY sorry for what I had done. It was VERY effective, and I truly appreciated the effort she went to to spank as hard as she did. I'm taking her and her friend out to dinner in a few minutes in appreciation.

By the way, you don't lecture your husband much in your videos. Why not?! Rebecca always lectures me while spanking, and it contributes to my understanding and contriteness, as well as embarrassing me more.

P.S. This most recent video is your BEST video post yet, in my opinion!! I really appreciate the opportunity to see aonther husband spanked... there are more and more of us out there, and your blog is contributing in an important way to acceptance of the lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Great video, it really conveys the pain and humiliation of a grown man being spanked over his wife's knee. The belt portion seemed particularly hard.
Have you considered having your friend SH spank him and posting the video? A permanent and public reminder of his shame. Same for the spankings from your parents (yours as well).

Angry Wife said...

My parents are administering my spanking before bed tonight. My husband got his out of the blue when he said something disrespectful to them over dinner and suddenly they were escorting him to the bedroom where they could discipline him one after another. I watched. I know it hurt. I'm next. I know it will hurt. Sigh. I will ask my husband to try to get a picture (my parents will NEVER tolerate a video).

Anonymous said...

Hey, J, just wondering if your parents gave you a sore butt after all. Hope you're okay and that if you got it, at least they let you keep your underwear up for it this time and that your dad didn't use his belt!

FL said...

It's too late for this spanking; presumably you're already nursing a sore backside, but next time your parents want to spank you, try to convince them to let your husband take your punishment, as well as his own. Unless you feel that you benefit from their spankings.

NaughtyDen said...

Too bad you earned a spanking from you mom and dad but I guess you must have deserved it. Do they only visit to punish you? :-) (there is of course a double entendre there.)
As to me spanking you husband again we live too far apart it was only a thought. By the way you can email me if you want it's in my profile. My wife is about to give me a good long spanking day tomorrow I just bought her two small canes to punish me for some long term behavior problems. By this time tomorrow I may have to blog standing up.

NaughtyDen said...

I forgot to comment on the video. He does seem to be expressing his displeasure more vocally. By the way a little tech. note, check your camera for white balance you don't have it set right. If you get it right his white undies will be whiter and his red bottom will be redder.
And are you only allowed to upload 2 minutes?
Till later then

Anonymous said...

spanking when i give a spanking i always have some unknown sometimes i will give him 20 with my hand 10 with the belt then 20 with the hair brush and some times i just go off twenty straigt right on the bare ass hard and fast that gets those legs curling and kicking and it wil add some good fear just a tip from in control wife

NaughtyDen said...

Because of you I asked my wife to spank me as punishment for the way I have treated her. I have started a blog because I have to show how I have been spanked as part of my punishment. It is very embarrassing knowing other will see me in panties getting spanked. Even though my bottom is very sore and will remain that way for sometime to come, thank you.
Here is my blog:

Angry Wife said...

A quick response as long as I'm online. I will post properly this coming weekend.

Yes, my parents spanked me last weekend. Getting your own butt beaten can really make you appreciate the spankings you have to GIVE a lot more, let me tell you. More about this later but yes, I cried, and yes, I made my husband get a picture.

NaughtyDen's spankings are worth seeing.

I brought my husband here to read comments Sunday, but as far as I can tell there's nothing anyone said to embarrass him. Still, FL, he said he agreed that the belt part of the spanking hurt the most. (He REALLY hates the belt because his mom used it all the time when he was growing up.)

More this weekend. His Wednesday spanking is coming up. As before, I'm open to suggestions on how it should be administered. I can't help but wonder when I call him to get it if he's just thinking it's the same old thing, bending over my knees, getting smacked with the belt, stood in the corner. I mean, I KNOW it hurts, of course.

FL said...

Your husband should not only be embarassed to have his punishments posted and commented on by strangers, he should be mortified that his behaviour neccessitates his wife baring his bottom and spanking him like a little boy in the first place.
As for changing his spanking routine, some suggestions:
Have him completely naked, to increase his sense of vulnerability.
Make him achieve an erection and then strap it with the end of the belt. Carefully!
Make him formally request punishment, stating the reasons he deserves it.
Have him post entries or maintain his own blog explaining his behaviour and subsequent discipline.
Post a video of his ice cube treatment.
Personally, I often found the lectures and scolding preceding a spanking worse than the spankings themselves. Not yelling, but firm, no-nonsense talking to.
I hope you find some of this useful.

MATT said...

Angry Wife,

Kudos on a great site. I am also a husband that gets spanked by my wife. We started out slowly to get to this lifestyle after many years of marriage. She was always the dominant one and after I recalled a vivid early childhood underpants spanking — she joked that I could still use a good trip over the knee.
Gradually, jokes and suggestions turned into using the paddle regularly to adjust my behavior. We do not have planned maintenance spankings - but I would say I found myself over her knee once every two weeks. Normally, it is for rudeness or tardiness - but you never know.
She delivers spankings mostly on the seat of my white briefs - the style of underpants that befits a young lad. My drawer has had the boxers replaced with white underpants. Most trips over her knee involve a paddle to my cotton covered rear for most of the duration with my trousers at my ankles. Near the end, I can expect the back of my briefs to be pulled down for about twenty strokes.
After that, my underpants are pulled back in place and I am ordered and shuffled to the corner with my briefs on display. Corner time usually lasts for about 15 minutes and then I am on my way.
Just a small nugget into my relationship.
I plan on visiting again sometime soon.
All the best,

MATT (Married and Tantrum Trained)

Anonymous said...

I have great respect for the way you administer spankings to your husband.

My wife spanks me but only with her hand. In the past she has spanked me with a hairbrush as well. I know that I deserve to be punished over her knee with the flat of the hairbrush, the paddle, and the switch.

In many of the spankings that you administer you first give out the spanks on your husbands buttocks covered with his underpants, then pull them down to further continue punishing him. That is an excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

I loveit when my wife puts me over her knee when I want a spanking she starts of with 50 over my underpants with her hand, then lowers the pants for another 50 on the bare with her hand, then she massages my bottom with baby oil then leg and arm lockes me in position picks up her hard wooden hairbrush and spanks me slow and hard until my bottom looks realy sore to her. I keep asking her to spank on until I am crying but she won't do it. But she did say on my birthday which is coming up very shortly she will give me the spanking that I THINK I want and she will spank away with the brush and even if I ask and beg her to stop she will continue until I am bawling like a seven year old and I am well bruised and sore. I look forward to it with both joy and trepidation.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed to see him hairbursh spanked to tears! WOW! Tampax is interesting. Would like to see an enema first. You are awesome!

Ehe-Erzieherin said...

Thies humiliation is very nice to me,
and I sink a rubber panties looks as underpanties good to him.
I habe a diaper husband and I humiliation him too.
in love
Frau Hartbeld mit Zögling

tommyspt said...

i always found that the firm appliction of a good stout wood hairbrush got the most reaction out of me. i would whine, beg, ouch and wiggle while it was being applied. i might add that tears were not uncommon after a long application. the otk hairbrush spanking always left me breathless and worn out. thank you posting such good video.

Anonymous said...

This is a true story.

We are 4 men ranging in ages from 35 to 42 married to 4 sisters. i am the youngest in the group of brother in laws. For the last 2 years we have been spanking our wives till the tables turned on us. We where told to meet our wives at my mother in laws farm which is out in a very rural area. each brother in law was asked to be at the house at a different time, but each one of us did not know about this Friday Night Happening. We are all suit wearing professionals. My name is Mike. I am the oldest brother in law of 42. I got to the farm at 5:30 pm as instructed. I walked in the back door and everything went dark. I had been cloriformed. I work up about an hour later in the bedroom with my hand tied behind my back and feet bound together with strapping tape accross my mouth only dressed in a pair of white briefs. My suit and boxers where gone. About 15 minutes later and every 15 minutes after another brother in law was brought into the room. After the last one entered we laid on the floor which seemed like forever. Our wive came into the room and told us to crawl down the hall on knees into the large upstairs opening. We did as we had been told. When we reached the room there was a large chair in the middle. We knelt there hand tied and unable to speak. Next surprise, out mother in law walked into the room and sat down on the chair. We had been verbably scolded for spanking our wives and where told to crawl over to the chair. I was first. My mother in call is 69 strong German Lady who ran the farm. She held out a paddle in front of my mouth in which I had to kiss, Then 2 of the sisters stood my up in front of my mother in law. I was humiliated. I had reached a full grown hard on in my briefs. They laid me across her lap and she pulled down the brief and gave me 50 spats on my bare behind, All the sister had been laughing and i was in tears. They had stood me up and ten laid me back down across her lap with my erection fully waving in the air. My mother in law just laugh and stroked my penis till I came. I then was lifted off the lap and stood in the corner. This was repeated for each bother in law. We stood in the corner with our back sides and penis exposed for 1 hour. The sisters then took us outside and we where lined up against the house and they hosed us off with ice cold water. We where then lead back into the house in which we where shoved to the floor. The sisters then cut off our briefs, push up our tied legs and shave our private area and then be where diaper for the night. They had made a video and watch it in the other room laughing
My mother in law came in and instructed us we would be treated like a bay with additional spanking through out the weekend. If we ever hit our wives again this video would be sent to our bosses and our career would be over

Anonymous said...

Farm girls are the worst (or best) as spanking there husbands. On my 50th b'day my wife had me across her knees giving me a bare assed spanking when in walked her 75 year old mother who insisted on wishing me a happy birthday as well. Then it was over her knee as she bare handedly spanked me, a 50 year old man to tears. My humiliation didn't end there. My wife laughed at me and congratulated her mom for not loosing her touch. My wife then sat me up on her lap, wiped my tears away and started to kiss me and stroke my penis. She then pulled a breast out and had me suck on it. Well well well little markiee didn't seem to mind his spanking too much my mother-in-law chided me. Then my wife said "time to blow your candle out dear. And with that bent down and gave me a blow job right in front of her mother. She then asked her mom for some hand cream as her then started sucking and biting on MY nipples. Mom returned and gave my wife a handful of cream as she stroked me until I lost control and hit her in the face with my cum.

Anonymous said...

I have been soundly spanked (as well as whipped, birched, paddled, strapped. or cropped) by my two wives--as well by some intermediate or occasional girlfriends-- over many decades, and I have enjoyed it all--especially when such beatings were administered in the open air or when they might be overheard by neighboring women. I have fond memories of the whipping I received on a hilltop in Provence (at the hand of my first wife), of the vigorous birching my girlfriend gave me in a New England state park, and of the splendid caning my second wife administered in the keep of a Scotland castle --not to mention the many spankings, floggings, birchings, and other whippings I got at home! In every case, I screamed, cried, begged, pleaded for mercy, promised to be good, and to obey their every command -and always ended up by kneeling at their feet to thank them for chastising me, and by kissing the hand (or the instrument) that had left its marks on my backside!

Anonymous said...

put him in panties.

Anonymous said...

He seems in all the videos like he is pretty shy about frontal nudity. It seems to me it would add to his punishment to make him show us his penis. After all part of punishment is embarassment, and we can see his face or anything.

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree, how about a peak at his cock?

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree, how about a peak at his cock? how come you let him be so bashful? take the shorts off him and make him parade around. It isn't about what he wants'

Anonymous said...

I have been following your site for a while now as your comments about your parents spanking your husband are of real interest to me. My wife gas spanked me occasionally but this started as a result of her mom spanking me early in our marriage. While I admit to having had a fascination with spanking since childhood when I was confronted for real at first I didn't take it seriously. The first spanking was a shocking event humiliating and painful. My mother in law was much bigger and stronger than me. The effects of that first spanking have been really long lasting as ever since I have been avoiding a redo . my in law know I was spanked and on several occasions I have come home to find her waiting to "tan my hide again" she does not spank my wife only me. I have said I will not submit any more but she says she will tell my friends and my adolescent daughters that she takes my pants down and spanks me.

Anonymous said...

Thamks a lot. My wife discovered the blog. Now I get spanked monthly in inderpanties. it's very embarrassing. She always leaves the curtains opened so I am afraid someone has seen this. Her older sister now comes over and watches. usually I am over her knee but sometimes over a chair.

Anonymous said...

Recently my wife began spanking me. Its fairly mild but embarrassing. She makes me wear a pair of pink panties. She then spanks me with them on, then with them pulled down. I must trhen stand in a corner in the panties while one or two of her friends come over. It is humiliating. Iulled down for this.t got worse when one of her friends asked to spank me. I had to lay over my wife's lap while he friend spanked me with a hairbrush. yes may panties were pi

Anonymous said...

My wife and her friend spank me monthly. Her girlfriend came overt unexpectedly one afternoon when my wife had me in panties across the table and had started spanking when the bell rang. Stay there my wife said. I'll see whose there. To my humiliation she brought Karen in and said she could watch. She lowered my panties and ingot spanked with Karen encouraging my wife
This now happens monthly. When they finish, the put an enema hose in my and make me stand in the corner with the enema hose hanging down. That part is humiliating

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy spanking my husband. I enjoy watching him wiggle around as his buns get bright red. He's too tall or I'm too short for over the knee so I usually have him over a chair or across a table, legs spread wide
Several months ago I decided to allow my best girlfriend (we went to grade school together too long ago) watch a weekly spanking. We both enjoy it. He has asked that it be private but that will not happen. We take turns on his hiney and make him do corner time. Did I mention we have him in panties? For spanking and corner time they're rolled down on his thighs. He also has to get us what we may want and it's fun watching him walk with panties at his thighs. We of course add some swats as he's walking awarkardly

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd see my husband spanked. His mother was visiting when they got into a silly argument. She told him drop your pants and get over the couch. He got very silent but did it. The sight of him over the couch with his bare Rear in the air was surprising and exciting. She asked my to bring something to spank him with. All I could think of was a belt. She began and I got wet. Then she said come over hear and spank him so he doesn't argue with you. I didn't want her to spank me so I did. What fun for me. We did it everyday for the last three days of her visit. Now he gets it twice a month, but I finish by inserting a tampon. I loe tugging on the little string while he's in the corner or walking around that evening.

Anonymous said...

Husbands get very quiet when they're out with you and they have panties on. It's so nice. Of course I spank him weekly to keep him in his place. Usually it's private but sometimes his mother is present or a long time girlfriend it present. They can watch or spank nusually they spank.

If it's a private spanking, I put a dildo in him when I finish.i warn him hold it in or else your dildo will go in when someone sees your spanking. He hates the dildo but won't refuse because he doesn't want them to see it. His panties are embarrassing enough

Anonymous said...

My husband wears panties every day. Chen I need a tampon he does also. He gets spanked whenever I want. Usually I have him kneel over a hassock I use a bath brush but once in a while a belt. One day my older sister walked in as I was using the brush on his panty covered honey. I lowered his panties and he had a tampon in. My sister said something and that's when he knew she was there. Vi continued his spanking then asked my sister to change his tampon. He begged not to do that but we did to his embarrassment. Then we left him naked from the waist down with the little string hanging out. It was hot. Before she left she asked if she could spank him. Of course. He went over her knees and got a good spanking. We will do this again.

Anonymous said...

Hi that was very sound caning and bath brush spanking, you gave Hubby ! He cried out a lot, did he cry after wards? I would guess he did and I would not call him cry baby that beating !

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