Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lots of Spankings

Okay let's get down to business.

The season has been so busy that I haven't posted much about my husband's spankings but that doesn't mean he hasn't been getting them.

I thought I'd first post some pictures I still have left over from when I spanked him over at SH's house a while ago. I know it embarrasses him to remember her taking pictures and talking to me while I beat his bare bottom with her ruler. It's also really different to have someone else taking pictures of you administering a good spanking than if you take the pictures yourself or set the camera up to record because you don't have to think about it--you just concentrate of blistering the behind over your knees.

Now the new pictures that I took are from the last week and a half. On New Year's Eve, I administered the first enema punishment he's ever had and he BAWLED. First I had him pull down his pajama bottoms and his underpants to get the bathbrush (which reddened his behind good) while he stood with his hands on the toilet seat. Then I made him kneel in front of the toilet while I filled up the enema bag and put that nozzle in his little bottomhole. The begging was almost instantaneous, even faster than when I put the ice cube on his butthole to punish him. I was going to continue his beating but I've never punished him with an enema before so I didn't think I should let myself get distracted by spanking him. I read about punishing with an enema before I did it, so I knew how long to make him hold it. I don't know though. It certainly embarrassed him but I don't think embarrassment is as much a punishment as a sore bottom is.

Another good form of embarrasssment would be his Christmas Eve spanking. Yes, I punished him Christmas Eve (I forgot that his Wednesday spanking fell on Christmas Eve. I thought it was Christmas Day for a long time!). We have a suspended wall between the entranceway and the dining area, so I made him bend over it for a underpanties spanking but first he had to wait while I went to get the camera. He laid over it with his feet and arms dangling for a good half hour before I finally whipped him. It had been a long day for him, waiting for me to decide when and where his discipline would take place.

Finally, I put him over the edge of the footrest in the living room for a hairbrush spanking on Saturday afternoon and I had not intended to take a picture but I thought the redness of his behind and the redness of the footrest went so well together that it was worth the picture. I had just stopped a few minutes earlier so he was still sobbing when I took this picture. He got cornertime afterward.
He's on a business trip this week so I won't be spanking him until next weekend, but I think I'll shoot another video then. Since I have to spank him anyway, I'm open to suggestions for implements or position. I personally prefer him over my knees because he's so much more obedient that way. Anyone have thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I agree that a classic OTK spanking, with a hairbrush, is most effective. Perhaps film the video facing you straight on?

NaughtyDen said...

Hello Angry Wife

I am a man.
For New Years Eve my wife gave me a good sound spanking and some more the next day. I had asked her to discipline me after reading you blog. I want her to punish me when I make her mad or sad, I think it will make our marriage stronger.
You man's bottom does get a nice shade of red, good job!
I noticed in your videos you don't scold him during the spanking do you sometimes or just not when you shot video?
Well too bad we don't live closer I could spank your husband and you could give my wife lessons in spanking.
As tomorrow is Saturday I am sure by tomorrow night your husband will have a nice sore bottom again! I know a real good way to embarrass him, spank him on line. Setup a web cam and invite people to watch him get it. I am sure he will be very embarrassed knowing lots of people are watching.
Happy Spankin' New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Dan. Here are some suggestions:

My wife only spanks me OTK, but varies the position with different leg locks. Her favorite is to lock one of her legs over one of mine, and then pin one hand behind my back while I'm over her knee. THis has the effect of making me helpless, and of raising my bottom so she can spank harder.

One variant she uses is to spank my thighs as well as my bottom when she feels I really need to be taught a lesson. This actualy hurts more than just the bottom, and has the effect of making me lose control more quickly.

Another variant is to have me kneel in front of her while she is sitting in the spanking chair. She then instructs me to put my hands on her lap. She then spanks my hands (usually with a spatula) while lecturing me, and also slapping my face. This has the effect of getting me sobbing and sorry BEFORE I go over her knee, so that I burst out in tears once she starts the actual bare bottom spanking.

Finally, she will often put me over her knee and then make a few cell phone calls before starting the spanking. I have to lie quietly, or else I get spanked worse. I hate the anticipation of this.

Hope these are helpful!

Mike said...

My wife believes in keeping it simple. That is bare bottom over the knee with a paddle or belt. She does hold me down but does not use her legs to secure me. I could get up if I choose but that is disobedience and earns me another spanking an hour later. I am spanked this way for all transgressions except profanity which earns me an enema and at least 2 spankings that go with it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have posted an video of him being spanked in your panties. Since this embarrass him to have his spanking put on line I am sure an on line panty spanking would be just the right thing.

Anonymous said...

My husband had never had an enema and said he did not need on, like he got to choose.

Anonymous said...

I use enema as part of his punishment. I agree with you that an enema doesn't have as much of an effect as a sore bottom, but I use the enema in addition to the severe spanking. I also use an in-line syringe pump to make it more interesting. Oh I love the way he moans as I pump! I also like to take his temperature rectally as another addition to the spanking.
To add an extra surprise to his enema I put hot pepper in the mixture. It burns on the way out. So he winds up with sore bottom cheeks and a burning anus as well.
Thank for the great blog......Strict Wife

Anonymous said...

I love your site.Great stories and vids I hope you update soon.

David said...

Dear Angry Wife (or should it just be Strict Wife?),

I just found your site - it is really great: honest and HOT!
Wow, I have never received an enema for a punishment - it sounds exciting, but I know it would be good punishment too, especially the way you spank! Good luck to you both. Thanks for sharing,

from David in Kirkland

dan marquez said...

Hello it excuses if I do not write correct, but esque I do not speak English… I am man and since I have use of reason I likes spanking… at the moment my girlfriend whips to me frequently by errors that I get to commit… You know, I also I believe that a good whip must occur on tighty whities, (almost all my underwear is of this type and my girlfriend does to me that showed is them before or when this whipping to me and hard whips to me but to use tighty whities) it enchants to me to be whipped in them, believes that he is very exitant and believes that she must have but whips if these estan dirty… another type of underclothes does not have only to be admitted white briefs by rule and if brings of another type to force to change it to him and to whip a little to him but by that error…
In fact blog, the photos, the videos enchants to me your, I believe that he is wonderful and there are not two… congratulations and only a small request, if outside possible in later videos or photos serious brilliant that before or after spanking showed the front white briefs. Thanks!
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tommyspt said...

great action shots. your hubby sure is a lucky guy

Anonymous said...

Are you still spanking?

Marsha said...

Could you please just update to let us know what has been happening and if you are done blogging ?

Anonymous said...

OTK spankings using the back of a wooden hairbrush are definitely the best. I loved hearing your husband whimpering during one of your video spankings. It reminded me of me. When my wife is done with my spankings I am always crying like a little girl. As a result I not only am required to wear panties during an occasional spanking, I am required to wear lace panties 24/7.

chasman said...

I just discovered your site and I thought my wife spanked hard!!!!I hope she doesn't see looks like you make your husband wear little girl cotton panties...thats just what my wife makes me least half way through the spanking...I hope you will post lots more videos.....Chasman

Anonymous said...

are you going to more spanking soon and with your husband looking in the camera and would like to see both ends and also you.
Good job

Anonymous said...

Buy a lexicon will get the response you want, the pain he will want to avoid and with the ease of OTK. Also leaves no marks and can be felt hours later.

Anonymous said...

hie im new here by accident i found husband spanking site but i dont know how to go to your blog is there other video you posted i really want to watch it and i want to ask you if you can show me an enema punishment video i really want to see how its done because im about to get married and i never tried spanking or enema punishment befor

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky man, i try buy my wife do not like to spank me.

Anonymous said...

If only my wife would give me OTK spankings. Require me to wear nylon or silky panties. Then she could say "who wears the panties in our house?" Of course she would also be wearing them too. But I would be the one spanked in them.

Anonymous said...

My wife began spanking meabout two yeas ago. When she leaves panties out for me to wear that day then I know a spanking will follow that night. I must lay across a table with my legs
spread. Usually she starts with a wooden paddle and my panties on.Then she lowers my panties and continues my spanking. She says she wants to give mean enema also but has not yet. I hope she does not
It is embarrassing and exciting. I thought it was private until our neighbor across the street asked if I had panties on. She said she could often see when the curtains were open and confessed she sdpanked her husband for years

Anonymous said...

We have never done spankings until last year when my wife wanted to give me a birthday spanking I was not sure but it turned her on. Since then I get spanked monthly. It's more fun for her than me. usually I am over her knees and she frequently stops to put tw. Fingers in me. I could do without that part. Although it's a bit embarrassing over her knee with my underpants pulled down its exciting

Anonymous said...

i spank my husband. We've been at it for 3/4 yrs I keep him in panties all the time
His spankings always have a witness-my cousin, or girlfriend or mother. He pleads for it to be private but no way. His panties are at his knees and he's bent over. My mother doesn't spank him, but she inserts an enema hose into him which he hates. He then stands in a corner with the hose hanging down. She threatens to make it a real enema. I hope she does

Anonymous said...

Every month I get my period. I receive two full two quart warm water enemas. I experience cramps and bloating. In between the two enemas I get a hard spanking with a riding crop. After the second enema I wear a tampon for the first day if my period and a pad for the next six days.

As a result I am highly respectful toward my wife. I pamper her and wait on her - often dressed as a maid.

Anonymous said...

Getting a spanking with your under panties down from your wife is embarrassing.
However, it is much more embarrassing when your wife gives you an enema. I'll do anything
to avoid the enema.