Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I'm ready to post again. I know it's been a long time. I was thinking that posting about my husband's spankings was not necessary actually. I thought I would focus on making sure the spankings HURT instead and that he was obeying my rules and getting punished when it was necessary. For a while I stopped the maintenance spankings twice a week because I didn't think they were teaching him any lesson.

But today we received the new mortgage statement and I found out that LAST MONTH'S didn't get paid. Guess who didn't get it done? That merits a spanking for sure.

I don't need to explain his spanking. You can see it for yourself here. When he got home, I had not planned to record it. Instead, I told him to pull his jeans down and bend over the back of the couch. When I came back from getting the belt, stick, and paddle, his underpants were unacceptable. They were boxers and had the pillsbury doughboy on them. So I sent him to change his underpants and while he was doing that, I set up two cameras in the storage room and decided he would go over my knees instead. My new camera works better than the old one and records a little longer.

I had a discussion with him while he was bent over the couch about getting a spanking from someone else as punishment. He apparently did ask someone he knows, but she told him she would feel too guilty to spank him properly. I told him to ask her again and that in the meantime I would be posting his spanking on this site and seeing about finding someone to spank him on my own. I told him I bet I would get volunteers here who would take him right over their knees. THAT got his attention. He said he would ask her again but I bet she won't do it still. We'll see if *I* can find someone instead if she doesn't agree. I think it's about time he started taking his spankings more seriously.


Angry Wife said...

I realize that I've been out of it so long that many of you asked questions on older posts. If you would ask them again here, I will answer them right away.

NaughtyDen said...

Hello Angry Wife and husband
I am glad to see you are still keeping you husband in line. In reading you blog I get the idea that he has been getting other discipline that we haven't seen as do I. I went for a month between spankings that we put up but I did get one that wasn't on camera and it hurt a lot. Sorry you still haven't found someone to give him a good spanking. My bet is he could use a good spanking from a dad sometimes boys need dad to give em a good one. I know I do once in awhile. I have also had to wear panties now and then to remind me that I have been getting close to needing a spanking again.
Glad you are back posting even if you don't post a video please post so it helps me know there is another husband who gets spanked when he has been naughty to his wife. As to what he did I'm sorry but I think you were far to easy on him with the way the banks can use a late payment to raise you interest rates If it had been me I would have expected several spankings over at least a week and for sure one every night before bedtime. My wife's arm gets tired quickly so that is why I get several spankings sometimes.
Your husband did sound like he was not having any fun during the paddling but if I put my hand in the way my wife would start all over again till I took it without trying to block her.
That is part of the discipline part of a spanking you have to learn to take it and not move till you are told you may. Well anyway that is what my wife feels and I do agree with her. But everyone must punishment the ones they love as they see fit I get many odd comments about kissing the paddle and such which I don't get but to each spanker his or her own.
Thanks again because of you my wife and I changed our lives and are much happier now even if my bottom hurts now and then.

Peter B said...

bMy wife has had my father in law take a paddle and belt to my ass more than once. Not only is it the most
humiliating but also hurts twice as much as when she takes belt or cane in hand.

FL said...

Good to see you back again. Your husband is very fortunate to have you provide the discipline and punishment he clearly needs. Once you find someone else to spank him, do you plan on recording it and posting the video?

Anonymous said...

full of admiration for you being prepared to put these spankings up in video and its nice to see "real" over the knee spankings being done properly in a domestic setting; keep it up!!

Hugs K

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that you are posting your videos of your husband's spankings once again. I am also pleased to learn that you are continuing to administer the discpline he so richly deserves.
My wife hasn't spanked me for a while, preferring to scold on a regular basis. I am hoping that she will resume licking me in the near future as I need to go over her knee for a good old-fashioned hiding.

brucespud said...

hi you have a great site here good job, it is great to know that there more men out there getting spanked like i am, my wife has been spanking me for about 2 1/2 years, and she is a lot like you, there are times that i did not really need a spanking, but she just felt like giving me one, has with my i must wear womens panties to has part of my punishment too, she loves the paddles the best and we have alot of them, which she has had me make them, she does use her belt and a piece of rubber hose, she is all the time looking for new a beter ways to punish me, she had read some where that a little bit of icyhot on a well spanked butt is a good way to get her point across, i can tell you it is not fun at all the heat last for hours, she does not like the otk for spanking, she likes me on the bed with pillows under me so she can hit harder, or bent over a chair, i always get spanked weekly, but most of the time i get more, well i have to go i have chores to do, love your site great job, brucespud

MATT (Married and Tantrum Trained) said...

Angry Wife,

Glad to see you are back in business. This is actually my second post to your comment section. My first one was under "Kitchen Spankings" - which discussed how I am a spanked husband as well.

Lately, the Mrs. has been issuing warnings of an impending spanking if my behavior does not change in front of family and friends. And most times the warnings are acted upon and I am sent to our bedroom corner immediately after guests leave. It has not been uncommon for me to overhear cars exit the driveway with my nose in the corner.

To that end, I have also overheard my wife declare that her husband (me) needs to have his behavior dealt with while she is on the phone. Sometimes when I in the corner with my khakis around my ankles and my white briefs on display, the Mrs. will be on the phone.

i just thought I would share. It's comforting to be able to share an uncomfortable bottom with others.

Keep up the great site,

MATT (Married and Tantrum Trained)

spankedbywife said...

Ms. Angry Wife-
My GF & I just discovered your site. Its great to see another Female Led Relationship where the consequences for bad behavior is a traditional spanking.

If you are still looking for assistance in spanking your naughty one, my GF could probably fill your needs (She certainly keeps me well spanked!) as we are just across the lake in W. Seattle

Angry Wife said...

Hi, all,

First, to NaughtyDen: my husband has had a real dad spanking before--from my own dad--but it isn't the kind of embarrassment I want him to experience, though I know it hurt his bottom quite well.

Peter: My dad used the belt on my husband over the back of the couch, pants down, underpants up. How does your father in law do it to you?

FL: If whoever I finally find to spank him is willing, then yes, I'll post a photo or video. That would certainly add to the humiliation.

Recidavist: Thanks! I think over the knees is best because I can control where his bottom is a lot better than when he's bent over to get it. What are you preferences?

Anonymous: I tried scolding but it doesn't have the effect I want. He hears his scoldings much better when his bottom is bare and sore.

brucespud: icyhot is similar to rubbing alcohol, which I've used on my husband's behind before in order to blister his seat more effectively. I've never thought of a rubber hose. I would recommend the ice cube punishment to your wife--over her lap, bare bottom, an ice cube held right up against your bottomhole for a solid minute or even two. VERY effective punishment if she wants something new. I also would suggest soaking your underpants in cold water right before you're to get it.

MATT: So has anyone ever actually witnessed one of your spankings? There's punishment in that embarrassment too, even if you only get a couple of swats on your jeans while standing up. It hints at more severe things to come!

spankedbywife: I AM still looking for someone to spank him. Tell me about you and your GF and how she administers your spankings. What does she use, what position does she put you in, are you bare, etc. If you have not asked her permission to discuss this, though, you might be stadning in line behind him to go over her knees...

MATT (Married and Tantrum Trained) said...

Angry Wife,

The Mrs. has tapped my rear end in public (like the mall, grocery store, etc.) or in front of family or friends. But she only does like one or two light swats, and most times, the people that witness it just think that it is all in good fun. The Mrs. is a very personable woman, so many think that she is kidding around.

I do, however, think that her closest friend thinks that something is up. Her friend usually makes a comment if she sees the swats or hears a warning.

Thanks for your reply,

MATT (Married and Tantrum Trained)

spankedbywife said...

Dear Angry Wife-
Yes, I have permission from my GF and she now has a link to your blog. She will be able to see everything I post.

I have known that I am wired towards a F/M relationship for many years but my GF is relatively new to the lifestyle. However, let me assure You that She is a natural! We actually started with roles reversed but this has gradually changed with Her taking charge for the last 6 months or so. A little over a week ago, She administered her most severe spanking. It began with an OTK spanking beginning with Her hand, followed by a small paddle and then Her hairbrush. Later She had me bend over a table and applied many swats with Her Spencer paddle. All was with my bottom bared. The effects lasted for almost an entire week. She also caned me. She is just beginning to learn the cane but knows how to apply strokes without wrapping. And She definitely leaves the traditional double track marks which lasted for several days. Over time, I have accumulated may instruments of 'correction' including a Nu-West Hairbrush, Spencer Paddle and cane (along with several other canes), a Jokari Paddle, a leather paddle and many other 'toys'. We have also obtained paddle from the 'She Makes The Rules' site which is an awesome piece of art and a paddle that leaves a very lasting impression. I would hightly recommend that you check their website out as one of the Women founders was from your city.

Should you wish to persue meeting my GF, I would suggest we go 'off line' (spankedbywife(at) She also has a Flickr account and we can direct you there.

Finally, I believe that I have noticed that you are Left handed which means that a 'double lap' spanking would be very possible (one of my fantasies).

Anonymous said...

Welcome back,

I was wondering if you could flesh out your experience in the spanking of your god-child...for instance,did she get corner time,what was her reaction to you and her mom...did you use an implement,have you had to do it again?

Thanks again,

sissy kevin

peter B said...

Angry wife

when my wife calls her dad in to administer punishment it is given in various positions. One
of his favorites is to make me bend over legs spread
and hands on my knees. If I move from the pain he
adds five more. Needless to say I seem to always end
up with at least 20 additional swats.The extra swats
are always with a riding crop.

Chuck48 said...

I wish I had a wife or girlfriend like you.
Got an older sister? lol

NaughtyDen said...

Hi again
I forgot to mention how nice the new camera is. The two angles were a nice touch. The sound was better and the image. I ran them together like seeing two bad boys being spanked together. We both would not put our faces on the web but for yourself you might want to put one camera on his face so later he can watch his face as he gets a spanking and sees himself cry because he was a bad husband and was punished.
As a husband that needs punishment from his wife I would like to hear from you husband some time maybe he can email me if he feels like it and you feel it would be alright.

NaturalSub said...

This site is terrific. VERY interesting and well written.
I assume you decided against posting the pic of you over your dad's knee.
Would still love to hear details of that spanking you gave you god-daughter.
I look forward to your future posts.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Different implements need different positions, but when R has been very naughty and needs a really good spanking, its over my knee every time; nothing works better!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, great video's. I particularly enjoyed your last post also. My husband got his first spanking from my Mom, and quite a few more after that. He still does, although now I'm mainly the one who gets to take his pants down and it does him the world of good!! I see you still get it as well, and I know what thats like, although it has been a while, but its still no bad thing to get a reminder and if Mom wasn't like that she'd never have got us off to such a good start so I just take it when I have to -I'm sure its the same for you?.


Anonymous said...

Dear Angry Wife,

Great site and you have a very lucky man although he may not think so while he is over your lap. If only my wife would do what you do.

Great site.

Thank you


Angry Wife said...

Some quick responses and then I have a photo to post of my mom giving it to my husband...

Spanking my god-daughter was completely different from spanking my husband. First, she's much shorter since she's only in her early teens so once she was over my lap and waiting to get it, her bottom was in a very different place than my husband's is. Her mom was sitting right across from me but my god-daughter was still unbelievably mouthy and disobedient when it was time to bend over and she cried super fast, which told me she was faking. I spanked her on her jeans first with my hand but that really wasn't having much effect so I made her stand up and pull them down. I didn't use anything except my hand on her underpanties because I didn't want to be so severe, but she felt it anyway! Then I pulled her underpanties down to her knees to finish (and I made my husband leave the room so he didn't witness her bare bottom), and I could see she was red enough. She cried for real during the last swats.

Jenny, yes, I take it because I know I deserve it sometimes too. I grew up getting it, so it doesn't even strike me as weird to bend over one or both of my parents' laps to get it, even when I'm getting it bare bottom from my dad. Honestly I think the humiliation of a grown woman bending over her dad's knees with her underpanties down to get a hard blistering completely distracted me from thinking about what he can maybe see when he is using his belt on me!

Okay, need to post!

Anonymous said...

I am a 51 year old suit wearing professional who still gets spanked by wife and my 77 year old mother in law and well as my 78 year old father in law. I am out of my suit in my briefs or naked. My wife has taken pictures of me and uses them as black mail. I have to do corner time after my spanking. Some times my mother in law places a diaper on my behind for the evening and I have had her friends baby sit me.

Anonymous said...

I am 53 year old husband who has been spanked (paddled) for the last three years. Mostly because my wife wants to not for discipline. We have been wondering how many swats should be applied. We have worked up to 10 but feel she feels a need for a more lasting effect but is concerned about to many. How can you tell when a spanking has had enough?

Chuck48 said...

I wish I was married to a lady like you. Do you have any single, older sisters? lol

Anonymous said...

These real videos are great! At the same time, I am very curious to see the END of one of his spankings -- to hear him crying and begging. That's when I know my husband has really learned his lesson! And do you ever lecture during a spanking? It would be great to hear your voice, too....


stevenjam12 said...

i am not married but i definitely live in a female dominated household. My mother (Mummy) controls my every move and spanks me with her wooden backed hairbrush when she is cross with me. She treats me as a little boy (which i like if i am honest) in the way that she dresses me and things like bath time and bedtime. Anybody else who has a mummy (mommy) like mine?

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty good spanking, but I have had much worse. And why aren't you smacking those hands when they get in the way?

Anonymous said...

hi--your posts and videos have been inspiring and exciting. Although I am older, I have just recently subjected my husband to sound/severe spankings, and I have learned a great deal from you about humiliation and real spankings. Your technique illustrates confidence and control. It still takes me a good while to get those tears and begs, but like you, I continue and continue. I hope you will post additional videos in the future. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Kirkland Wife,

I hope you come back and post some more. You have a great blog. I wonder if you did find someone to spank your husband - made him ask her again? Also, I am a gentleman in Kirkland, (honest, good citizen, clean, gracious, charming, in good shape) who sure could use a spanking from you! sigh :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your site. I have been interested in accounts of men getting spanked by their mother in law. Early in my marriage I get a really humiliating spanking from my mother in law. I hated the experience but it opened my eyes to my desire to be disciplined. My wife spanks me purely for discipline but no spanking from her has been nearly as shocking as the one from her mom.

chasman said...

I also was spanked by both my mother-in-law and wife and although it is very painful I am totally sexually aroused by the experience....the spankings I received from my mother-in-law were particularly stimulating....I was wondering if other husbands are also spanked by their mother-in-laws.....I totally enjoy reading about this activity

Anonymous said...

I am a 53 year old suit wearing
accountant, that is spanked and my
father in law does the spanking.
He spanks me bare bottomed over his
knee, and belive me my 80 year old
father in law packs a WALLOP and that's just with his hand, when he
uses a hairbrush he has has me crying like a baby.

Anonymous said...

I am a 50 year old man that is spanked by my father and father in law, my father in law is a retired
cop and when he wants to tell me somthing he will take his policeman's belt to my backside.

Anonymous said...

I read the post about the guy who gets spanked by his mother in law, I have been spanked by my mother in law several times, she has used a hair brush and a leather strap and I have had to endure corner time with my pants down. No one has seen this but the family has been in the next room and could here the spanking and me yelping. I have had a hard time sitting afterwards and have to endure constant threats from my wife about calling her mom when we have arguments

Anonymous said...

My wife gave me my first naked, adult spanking over her knee (she too was naked) on our wedding night. She showered first then when I finished, lead me to our hotel bed, sat down, and before I knew it was turned over her knee and my spanking began. Shortly their after, their was a knock at the door, "housekeeping". "Come in" my wife called to her. As she entered she said "I have your extra towels mam" and stopped in her tracks as she took in the view before her. She entered on my blind side as my wife asked her if she didn't mind putting them in the bathroom as she was busy at the moment. The entire conversation took place between the two women without my wife missing a beat. I tried getting up but my wife is too big and strong for me and held me down as she spanked. The woman walked within 4 feet of me as she put the towels into the bathroom before leaving. She witnessed my spanking for about 3 or 4 minutes. After she left my wife put me on my back on the bed and had me pay homage to her hiney with kisses and biting before she mounted me in a 69 position to our mutual satisfaction. markiee

Anonymous said...

My husband used to masturbate constantly. Spanking his ass seemed to only exacerbate the problem. Finally I asked his mother what I was doing wrong. Problem solved. We keep him in chastity with points earned towards possible release. We release him weekly to shave his bikini area and paddle his cock balls ahole. Spanking his freshly shaved ahole drives him wild. We have to be careful or he will release without permission. He has had no accidents in 6 mos so we have promised him he could release if our daughter and her gay boyfriends administered the spanking. He is totally mortified by the idea his daughter knows... but his excitement is clear. Can't wait for this wkend.

Anonymous said...

Since I found this post I've been spanking my husband for fun and always with my childhood girlfriend. I keep in shaved and in panties I'm not sure what is worse for him-being seen in panties or being stretched over a chair and spanked by us
Anyone think we should use a dildo on him. We want to but he's objecting

Anonymous said...

I am 50 years old and a science teacher, and my 75 year old father in law was visiting and as always we argued about things, then he told me how I should be run my class so I told him to be quiet, next thng I knew he unbuckled his belt and whipped it off and doubled it then he started snapping it in my face, he told me to get my pants down and bend over the couch I could not belive what he said, I bagan telling him that I was a meddle aged man and that had no right to spank me. My father in law replied with just a bit of anger when you married my daughter it became my right to spank you now get those trousers down and get over the couch, seeing as I had no choice I whipped my trousers down and bent over the couch and my father in law raised his belt and let loose on my bottom, I was just screaming and hollering with every strike and then affter what seemed like forver he stopped, and stood up and faced him tears still dripped down my face affter I dried my face and pulled up my trousers he said I am sorry that had to happen but I will not be sassed, and with that said he slowly put his belt back on and we hugged then as he walked away I asked him if he would spank me again, perhaps he awnserd back I then went upstairs to relive my aching erection I freed my cock and thought about my father in law's belt and how fast he whipped it from his belt loops and I came harder than ever before.

Anonymous said...

The difference between dads and grandfathers when it comes to spanking

dads say do you want me to spank you or you are getting a spanking.

grandfathers say you're getting a good spanking or I spanked your father just like this.

dads say I am going to take my belt off.

grandfathers say if I sassed my old man he would of whipped his belt right out of his trousers and just blisterd my ass.

dads and grandfathers whip their belts the same way.

Anonymous said...

Hi,what I dread is the annual visit of my wifes divorced Aunt! She stays with my mother in law and they come visiting together!Her aunt dotes on my wife, but has little beside criticism for me!She this year it was the state of our large garden! Rejecting my excuse of how busy was in work she we will discuss thatlater!My wife giggled knowing what I was going to get!In front of all ,after tea she lectured me and ordered me to stand before her and took hold of my belt and within a minute my trousers were pooled around my feet!!My wife actually pulled my underpants down and handed her pliable cne to her Aunt! More lecturing as stood thee covering my privates! I had to bend down ,my shirt lifted away and I felt the cane tapping my bottom! I gasped at the first sharp cut and cried out inn pain as she continued- I must have had 15 strokes before my mother in law took t cane! She gave me another 8 cuts! My bum and thighs were covered in welts and on fire! I could not rub my butocks as I stood in thecorner for half an hour myb bare bottom on view and attracting slaps ! i had another caning from th before they left 10 days later! Brian

Anonymous said...

My wife does not hesitate to involve my Mum in law in my punishments!I am sent to help her every so often doing chores in the garden! If I have not done the work to her satisfaction she canes me!About 3 weeks ago ser she
was very displeased with my sfforts and the mess I had not fuly cleared up! she sent me into the kitchen and I stood facing the wall,waiting for my caning! Then her cleaning lady came in and giggled when she saw me! A few minutes later Mum law came in came into the kitchen and took my trousers off ! Then despite my protests and pleas took me into the study, leaving the door wide open !She called the lady and asked her to fetch the cane kept by Mmum in law for me!
I then I had my underpants taken off and I was bent over, when the cane arrived.i was given 12 stinging strokes and I was gasping and crying out with the pain! The cleaner had seen me get it befoere but I still found it so embarrassing, my red face matchingv my red striped buttocks and thighs!

Anonymous said...

Hi!, I really do not like it when my wife sends me to my Mother in law for punishment after having her on the phone complaining about the work I did for in her garden being very rushed and skimped! She did not rush with my punishment! I had to change into easily removable shorts , stand in the corner for 20 minutes before she eased down my shorts to reveal my bare bum and my erect penis as I turned around to go over her knees! She felt my penis on her bare thighs as she began to apply her hair brush to my buttocks and thighs! I was soon squirming about and trying to avoid her brush as my buttocks were soon very painful, red and on fire! She was not satisfied and made me bend down for a dozen strokes of her cane which really hurt me! My eyes were full of tears, during corner time! She addedeseveral hard slaps for trying to rub my throbbing buttocks!

Anonymous said...

We have been married 18 months. At my shower my mother in law to be gave me a wrapped up paddle and said use it when you have to. The next day I showed it to my fiancé who blushed and said it was the paddle she used on him. After we were married I wanted to try it but didn't know how to bring it up.
When his mother came to dinner she asked if I had used it. When I said no. She said go get it. He said no mom no please. He was told to remove his pants and bend over the couch. It was exciting to see him like this. She spanked him a while then told him to take his underpants off. He did and got back over the couch. His cute buns were red. Then she gave me the paddle and said spank him. I began to and as he started to squirm and grunt with each smack I began to get wet.
He remained nude from the waist Dow for the evening. When she was leaving she told me to get rid of his underpants and get him panties. I had no intention of doing that until she said she'd inspect next time and if he didn't have panties on I'd be over the couch.
Now he's in panties all the time and spanked by me and by both of use when she's over.

Anonymous said...

Other guys who take a bare spanking ho write here seem to consider having another person see him get it--does not seem to be a problem----I once in a while got a bare spanking coming--we both know when its got to happen---No argument---Its got to happen and so I shower and get it done right away--bare and over the lap with part of me on the couch. it hurts and it settles things fine---I COULD NOT HAVE ANYONE ELSE SEE ME GET IT OR EVEN KNOW I TAKE A SPANKING It would have to be private----I would not want any other woman to even see my bare butt----Would appreciate any guys commenting about need for privacy

Anonymous said...

I have followed this thread for years. I posted about the spanking I got from my mother in law many many years ago. I don't think she ever told anyone but it was well known, often discussed that my mother in law spanked my wife's siblings and I had heard some pretty fearsome comments about the ordeal of enduring a session with one's pants down with her strap. The girls were spanked with a wooden spoon as well as the strap while the boys were for more serious infractions switched while bent over with their pants down. All these years later I can still remember my angst while waiting for her after she had told me we were going to " adjust my attitude". I had never been spanked and was in some way strangely curious? When she came into the room carrying that strap, she was stern almost expressionless. When she started listing my bad behaviors I started having thoughts of refusing to comply or fleeing. When she took hold of my arm and told me to drop my pants, I froze. She smacked my face so hard I saw stars. When she said again drop those pants I quickly reflexively complied. She had firm hold of my arm when the strap struck me, I was amazed by the searing pain and tried to move away. That was a bad idea as she grabbed me harder and the strap was setting my behind and legs on fire. I was concerned that someone would hear and I tried not to yell out but I couldn't stop begging her to stop and promising to be good. She told me I was going to be doing everything standing up for awhile. When she was done I had deep welts all over my behind and the backs of my legs. That night at dinner I had a hard time squirming through the evening hoping no one knew. I told my wife some time later and she has.been spanking me now for nearly 50 years. All these years I thought our life style was not known to anyone . Recently my sister in law made a comment to my wife saying , he needs a spanking! My sister in law has since told me that she k ew about her mom spanking me, and she said she remembered all too well what the strap felt like.